Exam cheating trial postponed for further investigation

October 19, 2019 - 07:22
The People’s Court of Sơn La Province on Friday morning asked police to investigate further before the trial would continue.  
Trần Xuân Yến. — VNA/VNS Photo
SƠN LA The trial into the national high school exam cheating scandal last year has been halted for further investigation.
The People’s Court of Sơn La Province on Friday morning asked police to investigate further before the trial would continue. 
Quản Hữu Chiến, judge of the trial, said the move aimed to clarify the motives of the defendants and the court would then consider prosecuting the defendants for bribery.
Eight defendants involved in the case have been tried for abuse of power while performing their duties to inflate the exam scores of 44 students.
The indictment alleged the defendants colluded to raise scores on multiple choice tests for 44 students for material exchange or favours.
They include former deputy director of the provincial Department of Education and Training, Trần Xuân Yến; head and officials from the department’s Division of Examination and Quality Management, Lò Văn Huynh, Nguyễn Thị Hồng Nga and Nguyễn Thanh Nhàn; and former vice-principal of Tô Hiệu High School, Đặng Hữu Thuỷ.
Other defendants include former deputy director of the Division of Political Ideology, Cầm Thị Bun Sọt; and former officials of the Internal Political Security Division, Đinh Hải Sơn and Đỗ Khắc Hưng.
Four defendants admitted to receiving money for changing scores. Nga admitted to getting VNĐ1.040 billion (US$44,720) to doctor the results for four students. VNĐ1 billion ($43,000) has been seized by police.
Huynh and Sọt allegedly took VNĐ1 billion and VNĐ440 million ($18,920) to inflate scores for three students, while Thuỷ pocketed VNĐ500 million ($21,500) from four students. All the money has been seized by police. 
According to the judge, the court based its decision to re-open investigation on the results of questioning at the trial and by the People's Procuracy, as it lacked evidence to charge the defendants with bribery.
The judge has also asked to gather the opinions of relevant agencies to make clear the process of handling the multiple choice test to clarify responsibilities of related people. — VNS