Incense seller in Huế helps poor cancer patients with small profit

June 25, 2022 - 09:36
Tôn Nữ Ánh Tuyết, 72, spends what little profit she makes from selling incense, hats and souvenirs to help cancer patients in Huế City.


Tôn Nữ Ánh Tuyết, 72, sits at her small shop in Thủy Xuân Ward, Huế City. Photo

HUẾ - Tôn Nữ Ánh Tuyết, 72, spends what little profit she makes from selling incense, hats and souvenirs to help cancer patients in Huế City.

She is a member of the city’s volunteer group that regularly distributes gifts at Huế Central Hospital.

"For a long time, I have not directly delivered gifts to patients at hospital because of leg pain, and I've been busy selling goods,” she said.

Tuyến has her own shop selling incense and souvenirs in Thụỵ Xuân Ward.

Every day, she wakes up very early to clear goods and arranges bunches of colourful incense in front of the shop.

"What I think about every day is how to sell more goods, so that each month there is enough money to help cancer patients in need."

She came to this volunteer work after a family member died from cancer.

The pain of losing a loved one and the difficulties she had to overcome helped her understand the difficult time the illness causes, and she wanted to help. 

Tuyết said: "I am haunted by the pain and despair of cancer patients on the corridor of the oncology department from when I would take my family member to the hospital for examination.”

Once in the hospital, she saw a woman carrying a crying child. The child had an operation to remove an eye and the other was red and swollen. He had corneal cancer.

"I took all the money I had in my pocket, VNĐ120,000, and gave it to the poor mother.”

With the profits from the sale of incense, she supported cancer patients being treated at Huế Central Hospital.

With the selling price of VNĐ105,000 a box of incense, she has taken a profit to help many people.

Every month, she prepares milk, cakes, sweets and some cash to give to the charity group, to distribute to poor patients.

The volunteer group that Tuyết participates in is made up of policemen, reporters, students, teachers, lawyers and doctors. Together, they help cancer patients in the city.

Nguyễn Văn Tân, a police officer in A Lưới District said he has been helping Tuyết for two months. 

“Before that, I went to her shop a few times, talked with her, and admired and appreciated her courage and heart.”

"I also only pay a small contribution to act as a bridge between sponsors to help poor patients.

"I try to accompany the group as much as possible.”

In recent years, through social networks, many people know about Tuyết and her volunteer work. Many sponsors from across the nation support cancer patients through her group.

Currently, goods and cash that the volunteer group distributes to poor patients are worth VNĐ55 million per month.

Tuyết is happy to have everyone's support because the more people that help, the better the situation will be. VNS