Thanh Hoá Party members help households improve incomes

March 17, 2022 - 08:56

For years Party members in the mountainous district of Thạch Thành in Thanh Hoá Province have been at the forefront of household economic development, spreading dynamism and creativity to local people.


Lê Văn Dũng feeding his pigs in his farm in Vân Du Township in Thanh Hoá Province's Thạch Thành District. His farm is a successful model of household economic development. — VNA/VNS Photo Hoa Mai

THANH HOÁ — For years Party members in the mountainous district of Thạch Thành in Thanh Hoá Province have been at the forefront of household economic development, spreading dynamism and creativity to local people.

The farm of Lê Văn Dũng in Vân Du Township is a typical successful economic model of Party members in the district.

On two hectares of hilly land, Dũng and his family built a farm growing fruit trees in combination with husbandry.

Dũng carefully selected all breeds and seedlings to ensure they were suitable for the soil conditions and would be efficient. Currently, Dũng’s farm has 200 pigs, 2,000 chickens, 100 wild boars and hundreds of fruit trees.

Thanks to training courses, experiences leant from farmers and applying science and technology to animal husbandry and disease prevention, his animals grew well.

Dũng said: "In my Party unit, many members were successful in doing farming so I learnt from them and first invested in raising chickens and ducks, and digging ponds for fishes. I am determined to get rich.”

“Developing the farm, I regularly researched and updated my knowledge to find a method that brought the highest economic efficiency.” 

Every year, after deducting expenses, his family earns more than VNĐ1 billion (US$43,700) in profit. Moreover, his family creates jobs for up to four workers with a stable income of VNĐ6-7 million per person per month.

Dũng has regularly shared his production experiences with local people and offered assistance to help disadvantaged households in the township to earn money from farming to stabilise their living.

Nguyễn Thị Dung in neighbourhood No.1 in Vân Du Township has also been successful in farming.

Dung, also a Party member, is a typical example of economic development with creativity in production and business.

She built a farm for growing fruit, husbandry and beekeeping on an area of 30ha of forest.

For years, the farm brought her family a good income and created full-time jobs for dozens of locals.

Dung’s large-scale orchard has many valuable such as macadamia, dragon fruit, avocado, orange, green-skinned pomelo, guava, longan and pineapple, and hundreds of cows, pigs and honey bees that bring annual revenue of over VNĐ3.5 billion (US$153,000), of which the profit is VNĐ1.5 billion.

The livestock-orchard farm had created jobs for 15 full-time workers with a monthly income of VNĐ5-6 million per person and seasonal jobs for more than 50 local labourers with wages ranging from VNĐ180,000 to 300,000 per person per day.

Currently, Dung is expanding the cultivation area of macadamia trees to more than 10ha and investing in processing macadamia nuts and branding.

In addition, beekeeping in the macadamia flower season also brings a significant profit from honey.

Currently, macadamia honey from Dung's farm has an average price of VNĐ750,000 - 800,000 per litre and is always sold out.

As a Party secretary of her neighbourhood, Dung always encourages the local people to take part in household economic development.

Dung said: "In my neighbourhood, there were many Party members who had been promoting their leading role, building household economic models with high efficiency, contributing to the economic development of the district.”

“From several successful farms by Party members, many households in the area had boldly transformed the structure of crops and livestock as well as applied science and technology in agricultural production that helped them to escape poverty and get rich."

Leading role

In the spirit of "Party members go first, people follow," the Party Committee of Vân Du Township has successfully directed its members to pioneer developing production models for the local people to learn and follow.

Many members have boldly invested capital and put new crops into production.

The township's Party members always promote the core role of the family in economic development.  

By studying and following Party members, many local households have found a sustainable way out of poverty.

Thạch Thành District now has nearly 8,000 Party members. The district Party committee set up four key programmes, in which the programme of large-scale and hi-tech agricultural development and new rural development for 2021-2025 were a priority.

With great determination and effort, the district has focused on directing communes and townships to continue restructuring the agricultural sector by accelerating the land accumulation and encouraging local people to expand models of growing fruit trees according to VietGAP and Global GAP standards.

Lê Xuân Bình, deputy secretary of Thạch Thành District’s Party committee, said that for many years, the committee had focused on guiding local potential and strengths as well as providing solutions in economic development.

Party members have pushed economic development transformation and scientific and technical application in production, as well as mobilised people to invest in building household economic models, Bình said. — VNS