HCM City to compile ‘big data’ on COVID vaccinations to ensure complete coverage

December 13, 2021 - 07:14

HCM City authorities will compile “big data” on COVID vaccinations as part of its vaccination campaign to ensure that “no one is left behind.” 


A resident in HCM City receives a COVID-19 vaccination. — VNA/VNS Photagaa a 

HCM CITY — HCM City authorities will compile “big data” on COVID vaccinations as part of its vaccination campaign to ensure that “no one is left behind.” 

The city will review every single household in the city and compile a list of households with high-risk people who remain unvaccinated and submit the list to the health sector for vaccinations in a timely manner.

Everyone in the city is eligible for vaccination regardless of their residential status. 

The city will set up a hotline for people to report if they have not been vaccinated or other issues related to vaccinations.

It will also expand vaccination sites so that people, especially the elderly or people with diseases or walking difficulties, can get their shots at hospitals, mobile injection stations, or even at home. 

Priority will be given to people aged 50 and above, those suffering from underlying health issues, and people who require long-term care at health facilities.

The city will also give priority to people returning to work in HCM City from other cities and provinces.

It will strengthen dissemination of information about COVID vaccinations for people to better understand the vaccine and get it when available.

The city on Friday started administering the booster shot (third dose) to high-risk groups and frontline forces, including medical workers, police and army officers, and those who are immunocompromised.

Today, the city will start giving booster shots to people aged over 50 who received their second shot at least six months ago.

The city wants to fully vaccinate all residents aged 18 and above with two vaccine doses by the end of December.

Third shots for workers

The HCM City Industrial Park Business Association has recommended third vaccine shots for more than 320,000 workers in 17 export processing zones, industrial zones and high-tech zones in the city.

According to the association, the risk of infection among workers is high as it is more difficult to ensure social distancing at factories.

Most workers live in cramped rented places, which also increases the risk of infection.

Since early October, when the city lifted the lockdown, the number of infections among workers has been on the rise, with up to 100 cases detected a day.

The booster shot will help businesses protect their workers and avoid supply chain disruptions when factories have to close due to an outbreak.

In 2022, the city will continue to give the booster shot to those who had the second shot at least six months prior to the booster injection. It will also continue to give shots to immunocompromised patients who had the second dose at least 28 days prior to the booster. 

Following these priority groups, the city will then ensure coverage of booster doses for all people 18 years old and over by mid 2022.

From November 1 to December 7, the city recorded 1,581 COVID-realated deaths, including 194 cases from other cities and provinces.

Of the number, 828 were unvaccinated and 1,435 people had underlying diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, chronic kidney disease or cardiovascular disease.

A number of people returning to the city from other provinces and cities have not been vaccinated or are only partially vaccinated. 

The city was the country’s first to carry out a vaccination scheme, which began in early March. 

The country’s largest city has administered nearly 15 million vaccine doses, with almost all people aged 50 and older receiving two doses.

The city, which remains the COVID epicentre, has had nearly 485,000 cases, including more than 18,600 deaths, since the fourth COVID wave that began in late April. — VNS   

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