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Skilled non-party member leads Gov’t agency

Update: July, 01/2016 - 09:00
Lê Nguyễn Minh Quang, newly-appointed head of HCM City Management Authority of Urban Railways. - Photo tuoitre.vn
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Dr. Lê Nguyễn Minh Quang is well known for his valuable ideas and proposals contributing to HCM City’s leaders to make the city better. Recently, he was appointed as the head of HCM City Management Authority of Urban Railways despite being a non-party member. This is considered a breakthrough in personnel organisation. He shared his thoughts with Tuổi Trẻ (Youth) newspaper about the city’s decision.

For many years, you have proposed the idea of appointing qualified and talented non-party members to leading positions in the government apparatus. Finally, you – a non-party member - are the person appointed as the head of HCM City Management Authority of Urban Railways (MAUR). Are you surprised by the appointment?

Actually, this was not a surprise to me. It is because the city’s authority first offered me the position 6 months ago, so that I had time to fulfill all related papers.

But I am surprised to learn this was the first time the city appointed a non-party member person like me, who has not worked for any State agencies so far, to take such a leading position.

In fact, my file was considered several times before being given the final decision. So I thoroughly understood that was a hard decision for the city’s authority.

This made me very appreciative.

During the time you were being considered, did you ever feel disappointed? What made you continue to wait?

Many leaders repeated to me “I completely trust you” and “I’m hopeful for your great contribution”.  The trust they put on me made me certain. Today, the trust became my responsibility and has prevented me from failing.

In fact, the leader of the former company – a French group – have talked with you several times, haven’t they? The job in the group was very good both for you and the city. Why did you decide to quit the job and take the new position?

That was true.

But my colleagues, work partners, friends and family knew I have been nurturing a desire of devoting myself to my city and my country.

Taking the position in the MAUR, I could contribute more as I take the helm of a Government agency. From today, I am an insider and maintain a harder-but-interesting responsibility.

Of course, quitting the job was not an easy decision for me and my family. But I had prepared everything when I took part in the municipal People’s Council before.

Between the two decisions, yours and that of the city authority, which do you think was harder?

I thought the city’s decision was harder. They have to overcome long-lasting prejudice, mindset, mechanisms and procedures.

On my side, there was concern about my family’s income as well as the working style and mechanisms of a Government office. But I believe I will overcome the hurdles.

Do you think your appointment is a good sign and creates opportunities for non-party members wanting to contribute more to the country?

Of course, this is the most positive thing. I wish my story will inspire young people and help them think that the chance comes to all, party or non-party members.

Many students, working and studying abroad said they will think about returning home.

But my story will be meaningful when I fulfill my new job of contributing to make HCM City to become a better city.

Right after taking the post, you set a priority for transparency. How do you prepare to realise the issue in the context of current transparent use and management of State capital, especially for public transport projects?

I set four criteria for my new job; transparency, safety, consensus, and speed. It is because the MAUR is an agency managing a big capital source which is people’s money.

Transparency will create trust. Safety in organising apparatus will help smooth operations. Consensus among leaders, local authorities and people will make for good co-ordination. And speed in making and realising plans will meet the requirements and expectation of both municipal leaders and people.

All these factors are for the city’s development.

Will you join the Communist Party when you take the new position?

Que sera sera. — VNS




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