InfraGuard brings Automated Cloud Managed Services to Singapore in partnership with Cloud Comrade

February 10, 2021 - 05:43
InfraGuard brings Automated Cloud Managed Services to Singapore in partnership with Cloud Comrade

SINGAPORE - Media Outreach - 10 February 2021 - The benefits of automation in ManagedServices are well understood, but the diverse requirements of end-clients havemeant that manual operations were still the norm. The complexity inimplementing automation is increased with the hybrid workload (servers spreadacross the Big-3 cloud providers Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform,Microsoft Azure) and hence most providers were forced to rely on manualoperations.


This changes with which isbringing in an era of Platform-backed Managed Services with in-built automationand self-governance features. Singapore-based Cloud Comrade is one of the firstpartners to adopt this new way of working.


InfraGuard's CEO, Deepak Sharma said,"InfraGuard is built by converging our decade-long experience in Cloud ManagedServices into a single product. Imagine a server management solution that worksseamlessly across all Cloud Providers & Data Centres and supports allflavours of Windows & UNIX Operating Systems. One that brings central accesspolicies, automation and scalability right from Day 1 and is backed byworld-class support. Too good to be true? Well, it is a reality now. InfraGuardis today being used by some of the world's largest Public Cloud MSPs."


Cloud Comrade, oneof the fastest-growing managed service providers (MSPs) in Southeast Asia, hasbeen the first partner to adopt InfraGuard as the platform of choice to deliverautomated Managed Services to all its clients.


Andy Waroma, Co-Managing Director &Co-Founder of Cloud Comrade, commented, "Cloud Comrade is constantly enhancingand expanding our product offerings and capabilities to deliver new value toour customers. We are excited to partner InfraGuard to bring a unique automatedcloud server management solution to our customers. InfraGuard's automatedfeatures with stringent compliance and audit monitoring standards minimisecommon maintenance and security pitfalls and enable us to create a uniformserver management environment that is highly scalable and secure."


The core featuresof InfraGuard reside in three major segments of Access Management, PatchManagement and SOP Automation with value add-ons such as Encrypted Key Vault,Script Repository and Security Lockdown among others. InfraGuard also comeswith an Open API and ready integrations with many third-party software.


With InfraGuard,apart from enhanced efficiency, Cloud Comrade can also create Centres ofExcellence for each service scope, ensuring that the end-clients are alwaysbenefiting from industry-standard governance and operation frameworks.

About InfraGuard

InfraGuard isglobal server management software with offices in Singapore, Australia, UK andIndia. Both, as a standalone solution and in conjunction with its MSP partners,InfraGuard provides automation and functionality across Access Management,Patch Management & SOP Automation. To know more visit:

About Cloud Comrade

Cloud Comrade is a Singapore-based cloud computing consultancy companywith a presence also in Indonesia and Malaysia. The company offers acomprehensive range of services from strategy and design to deployment,migration, and management of customers' IT infrastructure. It has implementedhundreds of cloud projects with over 400 customers around the ASEAN region.Cloud Comrade partners with the best solution providers in the field of cloudcomputing and holds top-tier certifications with Amazon Web Services, GoogleCloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. In January 2019, ST Telemedia (,an active strategic investor specialising in communications & media, datacenters, and infrastructure technology businesses, acquired a majority stake inthe company. More information on Cloud Comrade can be found at