A1 WORKMAN responds to the market of the home renovation trends

February 09, 2021 - 03:26
A1 WORKMAN responds to the market of the home renovation trends

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 9 February2021 - Although Covid-19 has brought depression to the world, it does notaffect the "customization enthusiasm" in Hong Kong's renovation industry,rather, it helps the business to grow. Whether it is office renovation orhousehold renovation, many people hope to improve productivity by personalizingthe space, which further helps to improve their quality of life and the efficiencyat work.

Businessowners renovate their offices with emphasis on practicality and flexibility ofspace

Accordingto the latest published report on January 2021, Premium Office Rent Tracker,December 2020, office rents in Central and Eastern districts Hong Kong areamong the top 20 in the world. Among them, rents of the central districts arethe most expensive, reaching the cost of $240/square feet every year. Moreover, as the Hong Kong marketingenvironment is changing rapidly, the traditional office working mode needs toadapt to the constantly changing needs for the work environment. Due to thegreat impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, it's inevitable for the companies tomake some adjustments, whether integrate or expanse business, therefore, the questionfor business owners to consider is how to make the best use of the small space.

John Wong, the manager of A1 WORKMAN, said that more than 30% ofcustomers choose to renovate their offices and use the custom furnitureservices in order to maximize the use of the space as well as coordinating theoffice styles. Besides, customers desire to have more than just a flexibleoffice space but an office to meet the future intelligence requirement.

Thelarge amount of old houses increase the need for second-hand apartments renovation


Accordingto the reports from Centaline Property Agency, 60% of apartments purchased byHong Kong consumers are among the categories of buildings aged 15 years orabove and secondhand houses. These second-hand apartments are worrying manyresidents as they might have safety issues or structural problems, therefore,there are increase demands of old house renovation services in Hong Kong. "Wetoo receive a lot of inquires from people regarding the renovation services,many property buyers tend to renovate their secondhand apartments before movingin, and before the renovation starts, demolition and restoration need to bedone first. On the other hand, some people are concerned about the water-proofability because the buildings are old, so they also want to use the renovationservice.

Though people are fond of online shopping for disinfectionhome appliances and DIY small projects, they still rely on renovation companiesfor the big projects.

According to our survey, over 40% of propertyowners hope to redefine their homes based on their own aesthetic and living habits,creating the "ideal home" in accord with the personality and needs. However,most people are not able to do it due to the lack of time and the lack ofskill, they may do some DIY works for small items, yet they still rely onrenovation companies for the bigger project. In addition, people stay homelonger now because of the pandemic and many families choose to order homeappliances online, as a result, some Hong Kong renovation firms decided toestablish the online stores for household appliances to meet this need. Take A1WORKMAN for example, they set up a website for online home appliance purchasewhich not only provides online inquiry services but also delivery and on-site instillationservice in areas like Tuen Mun, Tsuen Wan, Kwai Chung and Kwai Tsing, etc.According to A1 WORKMAN, the best selling products are sterilization airconditioner, fan, air purifier, vacuum cleaner, kitchen appliances and so on.

The use of space in the future is sure tochange along with the development of the society, it is going to suit the needsof everyday life and the change of home/office settings. No matter the development,the first and foremost requirement is to be safe and practical. In a word, thepriority of renovation and remodeling is to focus on quality and safety.


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