Southco’s New Bifold Torque Hinge Improves Fold-out Table Operation in Transportation Interiors

January 21, 2021 - 02:03
Southco’s New Bifold Torque Hinge Improves Fold-out Table Operation in Transportation Interiors

HONGKONG SAR - Media OutReach - 21 January 2021 - Southco Asia Ltd., asubsidiary of Southco Inc., a leading global provider of engineered accesssolutions such as locks, latches, captive fasteners, electronic accesssolutions and hinges/ positioning technology, hasexpanded its successful line of position control hinges with a new solutiondesigned for fold-out tables used in passenger transit interior applications.Southco's AH-2E Bifold Constant Torque Hinge uses friction to increase controlof 180 degree fold-out tables, preventing the flaps from falling open duringoperation and improving the end user experience.


AH-2E Bifold Constant Torque Hinge

Southco's AH-2E Bifold Constant Torque Hinge provides consistent,smooth operation, allowing passengers to safely position fold-out tables onmoving vehicles such as trains, airplanes, and motor coaches. Integratedconstant torque allows the table to be held in position at any angle,preventing it from falling open while the vehicle is in motion. With improved aesthetics andenhanced reliability, the AH-2E is an ideal upgrade from traditionalfree-swinging hinges and dampening devices.


Withits flush mount design, the AH-2E Bifold Constant Torque Hinge occupiesminimal application space and allows a table to be deployed to a securehorizontal position and folded and stowed flat. Constructed of robustmaterials, the AH-2E delivers reliable, maintenance-free performance anddelivers enhanced safety, with its controlled motion preventing trapped fingersand flush design eliminating pinch points along the joint.


Global Product Manager Stewart Beck adds, "The AH-2E Bifold Constant Torque Hingeachieves a new level of safety and performance for fold-out tables in passengertransit applications in the Rail, Bus & Coach and Aerospace industries.With its integrated constant torque technology, the AH-2E provides an upgradefrom existing free-operating solutions by enabling controlled motion that keepsthe table from falling open onto the passenger's lap."

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