Advanced Cloud-Native Container Security Added to Trend Micro’s Cloud One Services Platform

January 20, 2021 - 04:01
Advanced Cloud-Native Container Security Added to Trend Micro’s Cloud One Services Platform

Comprehensive cloud security services optimize protection without slowing DevOps


HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 20 January 2021 - Trend MicroIncorporated(TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704), the leader in cloud security, todayannounced its advanced container security solution Cloud One -- Container Security. Designed to ease the securityof container builds, deployments and runtime workflows, the new service helpsdevelopers accelerate innovation and minimize application downtime across theirKubernetes environments, from a single tool.


Thisnew service is an important addition to Trend Micro's Cloud One servicesplatform that was introduced last year. As IDC stated,"Trend Micro launched Cloud One, its integrated cloud security services (SaaS)platform that addresses customers' security challenges around datacenterservers and virtual machines, IaaS workloads, containers and containers services, cloud security posturemanagement, cloud file and object storage services, and serverless." 1


Globalorganizations are increasingly leveraging containers to accelerate cloudmigration, rearchitect monolithic applications and build and integrate seamlesscloud native applications. This can create security gaps that traditionalnetwork and endpoint tools are not capable of addressing.


"Containersare helping teams innovate faster by simplifying development and deployment. Tosafely keep this pace, teams needs to integrate security practices more easilyin the container lifecycle," said Mark Nunnikhoven, vice president of CloudResearch at Trend Micro. "That's where this new service comes into playperfectly. It provides automated continuous protection at three critical stagesof the container lifecycle; build, deploy, and run."


TrendMicro Cloud One - Container Security offers three main elements:


Containerimage scanning

Thisscans at build time for the earliest possible detection and lowest costremediation. In addition, through partnership with Snyk there is a scan againstthe market leading open source vulnerability database. This provides earlydetection and mitigation of vulnerabilities in third-party code dependencies.Cloud One -- Container Security will:

  • Look for vulnerabilities in the packages included in the container
  • Detect malware using signatures and advanced machine learningtechniques
  • Find embedded secrets such as passwords, API tokens, or licensekeys
  • Sweep for IoCs using industry-standard Yara rules

Policy-baseddeployment control

Containersecurity enables you to create policies that allow or block deployments basedon set rules. Native integration with Kubernetes ensures that all deploymentsrun in a production environment are safe.


Cloud-nativeruntime security

Oncean image has been deemed safe and is deployed into production, Cloud OneContainer Security will protect the container in the runtime environment. Thisoffers ongoing vulnerability detection for the containerized application andprovides relevant feedback to security and DevOps teams in case further actionis needed.


1IDC Worldwide Hybrid CloudWorkload Security Market Shares, 2019: Vendor Growth Comes in All Shapes andSizes, Doc # US46398420, June 2020

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