AXA Insurance Rallies Individuals in Singapore to Show Care through the Virtual #AXAHugsForGood Challenge

November 09, 2020 - 05:26
AXA Insurance Rallies Individuals in Singapore to Show Care through the Virtual #AXAHugsForGood Challenge

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 9 November 2020 - AXA Insurance today announced the launch ofthe #AXAHugsForGood challenge, a community engagement initiativewhich rallies everyone in Singapore to show care for people in their livesthrough a virtual hug. As individuals continue to be more digitally connectedthan ever but physically distanced, AXA is encouraging everyone in Singapore tosend virtual hugs with personalised messages as a way to express care andsupport for one another.


From today up till 31 December 2020, individualsin Singapore are invited to join the #AXAHugsForGood challenge by creating andsending personalised virtual hugs to their family, friends, colleagues oranyone in their life via


This is the fourth edition of the AXA 'For Good' challengewhich is designed to engage the community in doing good together with AXA and tofoster a spirit of solidarity in Singapore. For every virtual hug sent, AXAwill add S$5 to a donation pool for its longstanding corporate responsibilitypartners Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) and SportCares, up to a total ofS$50,000.


"During this challenging time, AXA remains steadfastin our commitment to support our customers and the larger community. Werecognise that the implications of the pandemic across our society are farreaching, affecting the livelihoods and physical and mental well-being of many,"said Jean Drouffe, Chief Executive Officer, AXA Insurance. "Through #AXAHugsForGood,we hope to spread care and words of encouragement across Singapore with everyvirtual hug sent. Social distancing is likely to remain in place for some time,but there are ways we can connect with one another even from afar. The simpleaction of a hug, even a virtual one, can bring comfort and brighten someone'sday."


"The message of care resonates strongly withSCS as we continue to extend our support to cancer patients in our community,many of whom have been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are heartened by the partnership forgedwith AXA over the years and are certain that the donation from this year'schallenge will go a long way to meet the needs of the beneficiaries whom weserve," said Albert Ching, Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Cancer Society.


"At SportCares, we strive to inculcate strong social values includingcare for one another and the community through sport. Initiatives like the#AXAHugsForGood challenge are critical especially in a time such as this wherecommunity support is necessary. We are encouraged by the continued efforts byAXA to rally individuals in Singapore to play a part for the collective goodand are honoured to be part of the challenge," said Lim Teck Yin, ChiefExecutive Officer, Sport Singapore.

Since the inaugural edition in 2017, AXA hasdonated a total of S$100,000 to beneficiaries SCS and SportCares. It began as asocial media challenge which invited the public to post a photo or video onsocial media of themselves doing a designated action -- burpees in 2017 toencourage healthy lifestyles, bounce in 2018 to inspire people to bounce backfrom adversity and celebrate those who have, and high fives in 2019 to emphasisethe importance of connecting with one another -- and AXA would make a donationfor every such post. With the COVID-19 pandemic this year, the challenge takesa fully digital approach but its purpose remains to engage individuals to joinAXA in doing good for the larger community.



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