A-City Launches Its New Brand Concept in an Event Featuring the Beauty of Smart Living

September 01, 2020 - 11:01
A-City Launches Its New Brand Concept in an Event Featuring the Beauty of Smart Living

HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 1 September 2020 - On 18 August 2020, A-City Group Limited ("A-City"or "the Company") launched its new brand concept at an event featuring thebeauty of smart living at the Ritz-Carlton, Guangzhou. The event was attendedby Mr Chen Zhuo Lin, Chairman and President of Agile Group Holdings Limited ("Agile"or "the Group", Stock code: 3383.HK) , and other senior executives of the Group,as well as Mr Hou Yunchun, Member of the National Committee of the 12thChinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Former DeputyDirector-General and Researcher of the Development Research Center of the StateCouncil, and President of the China Enterprises Evaluation Association, Mr LiuXiuchen, Former Counselor of the State Council, Former Vice President of theChinese Society of Landscape Architecture, and Landscape Architecture ExpertAdvisor at the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the PRC, aswell as over 300 business partners and the media.


As an integral part of theGroup's diverse operations, A-City integrated its business strategy with thatof its parent company and revealed its new brand concept and core business atthe event. Specifically, it will be committed to creating great space withintelligence and engage in the core business of ecological landscape and intelligenthome and decoration in an effort to provide services of ecological habitat andreinforce market position as a leading ecological habitat service provider inthe PRC.

Mr ChenZhuo Lin, Chairman and President of Agile Group Holdings Limited, and other senior management team attended the new brandlaunch of A-City.

Brand Upgrade after ThirtyYears of Development

Over the past three decades, Agile has forged ahead with itsdevelopment, guided by its commitment to craftsmanship whether as amanufacturer of premium wood furniture or a developer of award-winning real estateprojects. Today, it has extended its presence to multiple industries.


As one of Agile's diversified business, A-City boasts both ancientcharm and modern vitality. Its subsidiary, Zhongshan Shixing Decoration Co.,Ltd, is based in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, which is also the birthplace ofAgile Group and its philosophy of craftsmanship. Inheriting the craftsmanshipof Agile and embracing the modern concept of smart living, A-City not onlyserves its parent company but established long-term partnerships with 22 of thetop 30 real estate developers in China as of 31 December 2019.


Mr Chen Zhongqi, Vice President of Agile and Chairman of A-City, noted,"Through engaging itself in ecological landscape and intelligent home and decoration,A-City has become a fast-growing company featuring an asset-light model andadvanced technologies. Considering its core business and new philosophy, thecompany has upgraded its brand to honor its commitment to craftsmanship andrefresh its brand strategy and image."


Business Evolution witha Focus on Living Experience

Mr Chen Lulin, President of A-City, used three keywords--inheritance, evolution,and development to describe the company's new brand concept.


Following the Group's pursuit of craftsmanship, A-City has evolved itsbusiness with a continuous focus on changes in people's living experience. Its positionhas shifted from merely a furniture manufacturer to a provider of one-stop intelligenthome and decoration services covering residential property and non-residentialproperty decoration, and home furnishing products manufacturing. Its businesshas expanded from design consultation, construction and home furnishing productsmanufacturing to interior and exterior decoration, falling into two maincategories--ecological landscape and intelligent home and decoration. During thecourse, A-City has developed the ability to serve every link of both industries'chains with its own philosophy.


In particular, A-City provides comprehensive ecological landscapesolutions covering landscape design, construction, and maintenance underecological landscaping services (landscape architecture, ecological andmunicipal environment improvement and landscape maintenance). It also offersone-stop services ranging from design consultation and building decoration tosmart furniture manufacturing under intelligent home and decoration services (residentialproperty decoration, non-residential property decoration and home furnishingproducts).


Housing RevolutionDriven by Technological Innovation and R&D

As its two major business lines grow stronger and became more integrated,A-City has managed to create an eco-friendly living experience and won severalwell-known awards, such as the Kinpan Award, the Yuanye Award, and the Idea-KingAward.


In terms of intelligent home and decoration, A-City is a pioneer of theassembly of prefabricated decoration units. The eco-friendly, safe, efficient,and water-free approach brings greater quality and efficiency yet causes muchless secondary pollution compared with the traditional one. This new approachhas so far been adopted in residential property, hotels, and long-term rental apartmentsand will be in hospitals and senior care facilities in the future. Its B2B2Cmodel and customization system make it possible for its customers to enjoyquality products, efficient services, and customized design.


In terms ofecological landscape, A-City boasts powerful techniques in mangrove ecosystemrestoration, ecologicalmanagement of water environment,and rain garden technology based on sponge city standards. At the exhibitionareas of the Rain Garden project and the Mangrove ecological restorationproject, a video was played to show how the four filtration systems (permeablepavement, plant planning, benthic stocking, and sediment optimization) help absorband purify the pollutants carried by the rain runoff so that the rain runoff willgradually seep into the soil, forming an ecological cycle. In the MangroveEcosystem Restoration Project Exhibition Area, the participants witnessed theuse of a patented ecological restoration technology that had been used in the DayawanMangrove Urban Wetland Park, a national 4A tourist attraction in Huizhou, GuangdongProvince and a series of other urban ecological projects. These projects setgreat examples for the restoration and protection of ecological resources in mangrovewetlands to achieve sustainability and showcased A-City's technological strengthin providing ecological habitat services.


As of 31 December 2019, A-City's business has established presence in119 cities in China. It has become a prominent ecological habitat serviceprovider and a leader in the ever-growing landscape industry and buildingdecoration industry.


"Going forward, A-City will continue to devote itself to thedevelopment of core technology, equip itself with Internet and BIM technologyand other modern technologies. We will enhance our R&D departments'cooperation with universities and research institutes in order to improve our one-stopsolution spanning the entire industrial chain. Our company seeks to exploreinnovation-driven models and breathe new life into the industry. The companywill stay true to its philosophy of creating a smart and beautiful living spaceand make living a green life a reality," according to Mr Chen Lulin, Presidentof A-City.