Achiko AG: Achiko Extends Covid-19 Ecosystem Platform in Pekanbaru and Integrates Testing as a Foundation to Accelerate Return to Normal

August 20, 2020 - 05:10
Achiko AG: Achiko Extends Covid-19 Ecosystem Platform in Pekanbaru and Integrates Testing as a Foundation to Accelerate Return to Normal

  • Deployment of Teman Sehat ("HealthBuddy") in hotels, recreational parks and markets in Pekanbaru, Indonesia
  • Extended Teman Sehat to include integrationwith Covid-19 testing and provide testing passports for a complete ecosystemsolution
  • Combination of Teman Sehat and proprietarytesting technology to combat the pandemic


ZURICH, SWITZERLAND - EQSNewswire - 20 August 2020 - Achiko AG (SWX:ACHI, ISINCH0522213468) is pleased to announce the deployment of Teman Sehat to afurther, extended number of locations, including hotels, recreation parks andtraditional markets. This builds on previous success with deployment at localhospitals, including Rumah Pangan Madani and Rumah Sakit Madani. As of14.08.2020, Teman Sehat will be available at Hotel Zuri, Hotel Amira and HotelNew Hollywood, recreational parks Alam Mayang, Taman Bunga Impian Okura andKampung Rabbit and the markets Rumah Sakit Syafira and Transmart Carrefour.

Teman Sehat ("Health Buddy"), Achiko's ecosystem platform isproviding solutions to revive the Indonesian economy amid the Covid-19pandemic. Teman Sehat connects the dots between Places, Testing and People withan ecosystem that allows Places to create safe environments for People toreturn to stores and venues while fostering and restoring mutual trust throughTesting. Contact tracing functionalities are embedded into the application.

"Feeling safe and secure is not only important for visitors, but also forbusiness owners. Businesses fear new clusters at their establishments becausemany Covid-19 infections are asymptomatic," says Drs Riyono Gede Trisoko,owner of Alam Mayang, a theme park. "With the Teman Sehatecosystem, visitors can feel safe coming to our premises, and our team willalso feel secure to work."

Teman Sehat gamified the user experience with rewards and coupons whileensuring privacy of its users and Places using the application.

In addition to Teman Sehat, Achiko has joined forces with todevelop an affordable and convenient Covid-19 test kit based on DNA aptamers,code named Gumnuts. The test technology uses a saliva sample and delivers testresults within minutes. Gumnuts offers several advantages over currently usedtesting approaches, including shelf life, cost and ease of use.

"The progressive launch in Pekanbaru is a model for Achiko's ambitionsto transition the world from the current extraordinary and uncomfortablesituation back to the 'old normal'", said Steven Goh, CEO and Director ofAchiko. "The combination of Teman Sehat and Gumnuts, pending clinicaltesting, is a powerful tool in fighting the pandemic."

The Company is now lookingto consolidate Teman Sehat. Its Covid-19 test kit, Gumnuts, will commenceclinical trials shortly; successful trials would enable large-scale commercialproduction before the end of 2020. Distribution is planned across Asia and beyond.
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About Achiko AG

Headquartered in Switzerland, with a global market focus, Achiko AG (ISINCH0522213468) is an entrepreneurial platform company, utilising the knowledgeand experience of its people and key technologies to enable transformation in variousindustries.

Through innovations in technology and regulation along with the company'sunique operating footprint from Europe to Asia, Achiko seeks to transformmarkets and bring unique value to its customers, people, and shareholders.Achiko's core platform consists of user registration and payment services whichare accessible to application developers. A messaging service and othercommunity based social features are being launched in late 2020. Achikosupports innovations in healthcare through its Teman Sehat ("HealthBuddy") ecosystem, a novel testing technology being developed, code named "Gumnuts", as well as consumer paymentsand finance and games and entertainment.
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