LEMI Launches Worldwide Digital Coupon Service To Support Small Businesses

July 21, 2020 - 11:57
LEMI Launches Worldwide Digital Coupon Service To Support Small Businesses

Lemi enables users to purchase coupons and generate immediate upfront cash flow for businesses around the world


HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 21 July 2020 - Lemi, an exploration-driven social sharing platform based in Hong Kong, today announced it has launched a digital coupon service that supports businesses as they recover from losses incurred during the pandemic. Lemi's coupon service helps businesses generate an additional revenue stream and broaden their customer base.


Users may select from a vast array of businesses -- located anywhere in the world -- on the Lemi app, then choose a coupon from the available selection to buy for later use. These coupons require a credit card to purchase and can be bought for the user themselves or sent as a gift to a friend on Lemi. 


Upon confirmation, partner businesses can have the money remitted to their bank accounts, while users receive the coupon as store credit to be spent at a time of their choosing. This helps businesses boost their immediate cash flow instead of only receiving funds when the customer activates the coupon. For non-partner businesses, Lemi will contact them to discuss whether they wish to accept the transaction. The user will be notified within a week if the purchase is successful or be refunded if not.  


Partner businesses of Lemi can leverage this service to offer different types of coupons to users. The coupons are fully customisable according to the business's needs, such as discounts for off-peak hours or cash value vouchers. A digital trail is generated when a transaction is made in order to prevent fraud and ensure authenticity. The solution also features an encrypted chat function for businesses to interact safely with their customers, as well as data analytics that analyses non-personal data to build a profile of target customers for each enterprise.


"We have always had a passion for supporting small businesses, which make up the heart and soul of local travel. The global pandemic has had a significant impact on them, and many are at risk of shutting down their operations and disappearing forever. We are stepping up to support their recovery by providing a secure digital coupon platform for them, which opens up options to generate revenue from local and geographically-distant customers," said Cheryl Ng, Founder of Lemi.


To help reduce the burden of cost, Lemi does not charge for setup and only earns revenue on a commission basis. All profits earned by Lemi will be reinvested into purchasing more coupons, revenue that will be distributed towards small businesses. 

About Lemi

Founded in Hong Kong in 2015, Lemi is an exploration-driven social sharing platform with a mission to amplify the authentic local stories curated by its community. Guided by positivity, Lemi features genuine recommendations from locals and travellers, inspiring users to see the world from a different perspective. 


Lemi has organically created a strong community of users present in 741 cities over 96 countries, who share self-created travel content that reaches 141 countries -- over 40 percent of which is shared by locals. Promoting the values of unity in diversity and the acceptance of differences, Lemi's vision is to help build a world where 'different' is always associated with 'good'.  

For more information, please visit: lemi.travel