Desay SV Automotive One Step Closer Towards Level-4 Autonomous Vehicle Player

June 29, 2020 - 09:58
Desay SV Automotive One Step Closer Towards Level-4 Autonomous Vehicle Player

SINGAPORE- Media OutReach - 30 June 2020 - Recently,Desay SV Automotive announced the launch of its third generation IntelligentProcessing Unit (IPU-03). This re-inforces its commitment to become one of thefuture leading Level-4 players in the autonomous vehicle domain. With theintroduction of the IPU-03, Desay SV Automotive re-affirms and is resolute toachieve this goal in the foreseeable years. Powered by NVIDIA's Drive AGXXavier platform, the IPU-03 will enable Xpeng Motors of China to achieve Level3 autonomous driving capability in the company's latest and future car modellaunches.

IPU03 specifications


Amongst the many significant intelligent features thatDesay SV Automotive is able to offer are : 1) High-Speed Lane Change Assist(LCA) which assists the driver in making safe lane changing during high speeddrive; 2) Safe Distance Assist (SDA) which assists the driver in keeping safedistance from other vehicles while in traffic jam; 3) Active Parking Assist(APA) which assists the driver in making easy parking; and 4) Automated ValetParking (AVP) which enables the vehicle to perform self-parking (withoutdriver).  These are some intelligent featureswhich are expected out of a Level-3 Autonomous Vehicle System. Desay SVAutomotive has cleverly integrated multiple signals and information derivedfrom the multitude and array of vehicle sensors (e.g. radars, lidar, camera, ultra-sonic,etc.) and performs complex data processing as well as fusion of derivedinformation. All these in-house development work were performed with a high degreeof knowledge in deep & machine learning algorithms coupled with strongartificial intelligence capabilities. The seamless operations of theseintelligent functions exhibited by IPU03 is a testimony of those  capabilities.  


Safety is always at the forefront in the development ofautonomous vehicles technologies. With stringent regulations placed on safety,Desay SV Automotive, invested heavily in ensuring that the IPU03 meets allsafety requirements and expectations through the use of a robust softwarearchitecture and framework. QNX Safety OS, an industry proven operating systemis adopted for the NVIDIA-Xavier general purpose computing unit (GPU), whereas Microsar,an AutoSar compliant RTOS which includes functional safety, has been chosen forthe specific purpose micro-computing unit (MCU). These powerful and intelligentGPU and MCU, in combination with a robust design philosophy for hardware andsoftware, provide a cutting edge firmware which meets ASIL-D standard of the ISO26262,thus guaranteeing the safety requirement of the intelligent system.


The choice in adopting a powerful GPU (NVIDIA-Xavier)which has the capability to transactmassive data and computing capacity of up to 30 trillion operations per second(TOPS), enables it to process array of data received from the multitude vehicle'ssensors (radars, lidar, camera, ultra-sonic, etc.), in real time and concurrentlyexecuting algorithms such as perception, positioning, path planning and controlwithout latency impact. The IPU-03 has also been designed to support a widerange of external devices, including a 12-channel camera sources, a 12-channelCAN bus connectivity, a 2-channel LVDS for video processing and an 8-channel 1gigabit and 1-channel 10 gigabit in-vehicle Ethernet for high speed datacommunication.


Through almosta decade of investment and relentless pursuit in autonomous vehicletechnologies, Desay SV Automotive has augmented its technological capability andgained extensive experience in this new megatrend, which are manifested in thenew range of its latest products offerings, such as IPU-03. Capitalizing on acombination of intelligent driving assistance systems, artificial intelligenceand state-of-the-art sensors, and specifically designed for complex use cases, scenariosand driving experiences, Desay SV Automotive is able to provide its partners a comprehensive,integrated and ready-to-use systems, including algorithms, software andsensors, thus elevating the vehicle to next level of intelligence.


Desay SVAutomotive's investment extends beyond technologies and research &development. Preparing into the next decade, it embarked on a journey towards adigital factory under the platform of Industry 4.0. With quality and efficiencyas its driving force, it implemented world-leading production processes andindustry-leading manufacturing operations. This resulted in its capability tomanufacture a highly automated and high quality 24GHz/77GHz millimeter-wave radarand high definition (HD) camera meeting the stringent automotive requirements.


With continuousimprovement as one of its core principles, Desay SV Automotive places strongemphasis on improving the research and development capability. This hasresulted in the software development team attaining ASPICE CL2 (Class 2Automotive Software Process Improvement and Capability dEtermination)certification. Desay SV Automotive is committed to provide full support to itscustomers and deliver world-leading intelligent transportation solutions andachieve the ultimate goal of vehicle autonomy.


Its ability tomeet global customer's quality standards, such as General Motors, Volkswagen,Mazda, Toyota, Volvo, Caterpillar and many more, is a testimony on its abilityto deliver products of high quality and reliability. It is with no surprisethat Desay SV Automotive has attracted and gain attention from other globalcustomers leading to future growth. The extension into the third plant, whichis currently under construction, will facilitates its capability to manufacturebeyond 20 million units annually.


Desay SVAutomotive looks forward to working with partners in the autonomous drivingindustry to deliver a driving experience that is safer, more comfortable andmore efficient. Desay SV Automotive is committed to play a significant role inthe transformation of future mobility.