Yuexiu Commercial " Yue+ Club " will Grandly Launch

June 26, 2020 - 13:24
Yuexiu Commercial " Yue+ Club " will Grandly Launch

HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 26 June 2020 - Yuexiu Property Company Limited (HKEx Stock Code: 00123) is pleased to announce that the commercial segment of the Group -- Yuexiu Commercial will  kick off the comprehensive upgrade of "Yue+ Club" on 28 June. The Company will reconstruct "Consumer, Product and Market", create a "Blockchain Marketing Platform", connect industrial resources with customized services, and develop a vertical ecological platform of building economy.

The launch event of Yue+ Platform will start at 5pm on 28 June with a global live broadcast. The Yue+ Platform will connect with the 6+2 Platform on a complete industry chain basis. Experts from different sectors will discuss about the new economy and how it will promote the upgrading and transformation of the digital industry and add new energy to the creation of a new central axis in the world. The sharing guests attending this conference include:


  • Chairman, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Yuexiu Real Estate Investment Trust (HKEx Stock Code: 00405), Mr. Lin Deliang
  • International Renowned Fashion Designer, Winner of China fashion designer top prize "Golder Award", Mr. Ji Wenbo
  • President of the Association of Asian Contemporary Sculptors (China), President of China area of Asian Townscape Design Association, Mr. Zeng, Zhenwei
  • Former President of Jinan University of Medical Science, Chief Medical Specialist of The First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University Hefeng International Medical Center, Mr. Su, Baogui
  • Vice President and General Secretary of Association of Promotion for Guangzhou Industrial Merchants Investment, Vice President of Guangzhou Association of Building Economy Promotion, Mr. Gong Yuan
  • Vice President of Guangdong Federation of Social Sciences, Deputy Director of Guangdong Asia-Pacific Innovation Economic Research Institute, Mr. Li Zhijian


The central axis of Guangzhou is the epitome and typical representative of the urban economy, while the digital economy is the key driving force for the transformation of city's central axis. Promoting transformation of existing industries with the support of digitalization, Yue+ Club builds a platform that can further develop the whole industry chain and provide digitization as well as facilitate the upgrade of building's vertical ecosystem. The platform and ecosystem upgrade will stimulate the magnetic effect of the city's central axis "building economy", thereby adding and accumulating various advantages. In the post-epidemic era, the Tianhe government proposes to build the National Tianhe CBD as the pilot demonstration district of "innovation and advancement" in order to build a world-class city's central axis.



Under this circumstances, comprehensive upgrade of Yue+ Club will integrate both online and offline, reconstructing the idea of "Consumer, Product and Market". "Consumer" refers to thousands of consumers surrounded by commercial buildings, "Market" refers to 24-hour cross-regional platform and "Product" refers to customized products and services through 6+2 servicing system. "Consumer, Product and Market" will attract investment in CBD of Guangzhou.


Yue+ Club will integrate over 100 world's 500 largest enterprises and more than 300 China's top 500 enterprises, with tenant resources of over 2000 enterprises' offices. Together with the power of over 300 thousands white collars in CBD, Yue+ Club will expand collaboration with over 1000 enterprises and tap into the resources of more than 50 industrial associations to provide personalized services with industry resources, to build a vertical ecological platform for building economy and to share the new economic ecosystem, thereby comprehensively forging a solid business environment.

Please use the below link or QR Code for Global Live Broadcast at 5pm, 28 June