Ospicon Systems Pte Ltd.'s SafetoSleep200 Honored at the International Innovation Awards 2019 in Singapore

December 17, 2019 - 09:20
Ospicon Systems Pte Ltd.'s SafetoSleep200 Honored at the International Innovation Awards 2019 in Singapore

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 18 December 2019 - Enterprise Asia announced the winners of the International Innovation Awards 2019 in Singapore. Thirty-five products, services and organizations are named as award winners from over 160 submissions.


"There are not conventional 'innovations'. When we set out to identify winners of the International Innovation Awards, our goal is to present a broad spectrum of innovations that could spur greater innovation in the recipients' respective countries and industries. Just as innovation itself is continuously self-redefining, the awards are meant to promote continuity in innovation", said Dato' William Ng, president of Enterprise Asia.


Among the notable recipients are Malaysia's AIA Bhd, Taiwan's HIWIN Technologies Corp., Singapore's Olam International Ltd., Philippines' Unilever, Indonesia's PT MRT Jakarta, and United Arab Emirates' Roads and Transport Authority.


Organized annually by Enterprise Asia, the International Innovation Awards is among the most coveted global awards for innovation and aims to recognize best innovations in the categories of Product, Service & Solution, and Organization & Culture. This year's judging panel include Martin Daffner, founder of Innobrix, Professor Nadia Thalmann of Nanyang Technological University, Professor Natcha Thawesaengskulthai of Chulalongkorn University, Makoto Shibata of FINOLAB, The FinTech Center of Tokyo and Anna Simpson of Flux Compass.


"These are the trailblazers of our world. Beyond the obvious commercial value, these innovations are what would power the world forward, individually and collectively. I hope that more companies and organizations would realize that constant innovation is not a luxury, but necessity", says Ng.


About Ospicon Systems Pte Ltd.’s SafetoSleep200

Helping parentsnurture their infant's growth from birth to provide them with the best start inlife. SafetoSleep200, our cot size sleep and breath sensing mat -- support whatmatters most to new parents -- providing their infant's breath and sleepwellness analysis via an easy to use mobile application.


TheSafetoSleep200 is a revolutionary baby sleep and breath monitor that hasabsolutely no wires so there's no risk of strangulation. Unlike other babybreath monitors on the market, the SafetoSleep sensor emits no electromagneticfields that could harm your baby.  OspiconSystem's patented optic fiber technology allows the SafetoSleep200 to deliverthe most accurate and sophisticated real-time breathing sensing and sleepanalysis so your infants can sleep safer. Our breath sensing accuracy has beenvalidated by Singapore's largest maternity hospital.


It is designed tomonitor the breathing of sleeping infants and alert parents if the infant'sbreathing becomes irregular. New born infant from 0 -- 6 months typicallyexhibits periodic breathing (no breathing gaps) which could result in reduced bloodoxygen levels that impede infant's growth, sensory and cognitive development.During infant's early growth from 0 -- 24 months, their immune system is proneto respiratory infection. Rapid breathing in infants can be utilized as anearly indication of respiratory illness. Ospicon System's unique BreathOpticsÔ technology allows the SafetoSleep mat to accurately detect suchperiodic breathing and rapid breathing events. The SafetoSleep200 is designedto be used with a complementary SafetoSleep app, which tracks and providesparents with a comprehensive breath wellness alerts, reports and logs.


TheSafetoSleep200 also comes with an advanced ambient temperature and sound detectionsensor that monitors the baby's sleep environment. The sensor can accuratelyand effectively pick up and measure the ambient temperature and noise levels ina room. The SafetoSleep200 intelligently analyzes and plots a sound/temperaturetrend graph every 5 minutes for parents and caregivers to understand whetherthe sleep environment affects a baby's sleep quality.


TheSafetoSleep200 constantly monitors your baby around the clock ensuring parents willhave a complete peace of mind.

About Enterprise Asia

Enterprise Asia strives to create an Asia that is rich inentrepreneurship as an engine towards sustainable and progressive economic andsocial development reinforced by its strong pillars of: DemocratizingEntrepreneurship, Institutionalizing Sustainability and Empowering Innovation.

About International Innovation Awards

The International Innovation Awards is an annual regionalrecognition program that recognizes outstanding innovations, and in theprocess, encouraging organizations to continue investing in innovations. Formore information on the International Innovation Awards 2019, please visit www.innovationaward.org