Sirex connects startups and investors with IEO Plus

December 16, 2019 - 10:16
Sirex connects startups and investors with IEO Plus

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 16 December 2019 - A newly established Sirex exchange attracts public attention.

Cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology is given innovative value by the people. There are many crypto exchanges in the market and the numbers of the exchanges keep growing.

Under these circumstances, investors have had questions about the meaning of a newly established crypto exchange.

Sirex offers opportunities to invest in startups and trade token freely, breaking down the barriers between investors and startups.


Many startups have difficulties in raising funds because of cost, regional barriers, and lack of IR (Investor Relations) specialty. But in Sirex's startup specialized IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) Plus, a startup company can get a lot more opportunities to meet potential investors and raise fund. You can meet more investors in Sirex than in 1,000 IR meetings. The only thing a startup needs is a clear vision and a business plan.


Every Investor hopes and dreams about hitting the jackpot 100 times through investing in future unicorn companies. But if the budget is limited, it has been almost impossible. Because Investment opportunity in the early stage startup were only given to professional and institutional investors.


In Sirex, however, it is possible to invest in early stage startups even with small amount of money. In addition, there is a much faster exit option through Sirex listed token market.

Firstly, it is Sirex IEO Plus, startup specialized IEO. The general IEO systems give the purchase opportunity to the people who come first. In those systems, some buyers will take the most part of profit only because they got first position on the list. On the other hand, Sirex IEO Plus maximizes the total sum of every participant's benefit through Dynamic Pricing Sequence of One-priced Periods.


Through this mechanism, IEO Plus satisfies two principles:

(1) The market determines the price

(2) To find the equilibrium point that maximizes market total welfare


The success of Sirex IEO Plus is already substantially demonstrated through the actual result and numbers. 6 projects were listed successfully through IEO Plus, and one of the 6 has performed tremendous profit greater than 13,000%. The more impressive point is that half of the IEO listed companies are real economy startups. Their product/service are real-world applicable, and they have the different way of doing business with some fantasy-world companies.


It shows that Sirex's vision (i.e. raising fund for startups) has already been materialized partially.


Secondly, Sirex has introduced an automated D/W (Deposit and Withdraw) system through an individual wallet. Some exchanges have been criticized because they used one wallet for multiple users and made non-existent accounts. Sirex, however, provides an automated D/W process through actual transaction in an actual wallet for each user. Therefore, D/W related accidents are fundamentally impossible in Sirex.


It is a common that a visionary company collapses today and that a profitable company collapses tomorrow. Sirex, however, shows noticeable vision and the capability to make it real. So, I strongly recommend that Sirex will be a promising player in the 2020 crypto market.


Sirex has produced a welcome airdrop event from 16-Dec-2019 to 15-Jan-2020. You can get an Adward (ADW) token if you are newcomer in Sirex.


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