Modex Launches the Modex Blockchain Database for Simplified Enterprise Blockchain Deployment

September 23, 2019 - 02:32
Modex Launches the Modex Blockchain Database for Simplified Enterprise Blockchain Deployment

Modex BCDB enables enterprises to get up and running with blockchain projects in days instead of months, and at a price point that small and mid-level enterprises can afford


LONDON, UK - Media OutReach - 23 September 2019 - Modex, the blockchain enablement platform, announces the launch of theirenterprise platform for simplified blockchain deployment. The Modex BlockchainDatabase platform (Modex BCDB) can enable enterprises to deploy theirfirst blockchain project in days instead of months. In addition to the platformlaunch, Modex is also announcing that among their pilot enterprise customers isDietsmann, the global leader in energy maintenanceand operations.


While blockchain can solve a number of complicated issuesrelated to security, auditability, and more, long development timelines andlarge consulting fees have remained major barriers to blockchain adoption. Bysimplifying the way enterprises can deploy blockchain technology, Modex BCDBenables enterprises to get up and running with blockchain projects in daysinstead of months, and at a price point that small and mid-level enterprisescan afford.


"With the launch of Modex BCDB, we're excited to usher in anew era of enterprise blockchain adoption," said Mihai Ivascu, CEO and founderof Modex. "We've developed ModexBCDB specifically with enterprise needs in mind in order to counteract the highbarriers to adoption that have typically kept businesses on the sidelines. Ourplatform and customers prove that it is possible to leverage the benefits of ablockchain database without long development timelines or high implementationand consulting costs."


Modex BCDB ensures data integrity, auditability, and security,all while integrating with an enterprise's existing databases. Modex BCDB isdeployed to work between your application and your existing databases, enablingdata to be written to both the BCDB, as well as your existing database whileallowing programmers to work within the systems they are already using. Thispatented process enables greater security without sacrificing usability orengendering the need for additional training. BCDB also enables enterprises toeasily permission data based on employee needs or regulatory compliance, likeGDPR or HIPAA.


"Over the last 40 years we have managed to gain the trust ofthe biggest actors in our industries, oil and gas, nuclear and mining,operating all around the world in high risk conditions, delivering the bestmaintenance solutions. Trust is the new currency today, and we're happy tobuild that further by better processing the data and delivering better resultsfor our clients, teams and environment. Blockchain is one of the cutting edgetechnologies that will significantly benefit Dietsmann's Data Lab and help usnot just secure our sensitive information but also open new ways ofcollaborating with our main clients and suppliers," said Peter Kutemann,President and Founder of Dietsmann. "Modex Blockchain Database infrastructureallows Dietsmann to be up and running on a private blockchain infrastructure atlow cost in a matter of days, with high efficiency and minimal effort from ourtechnical team."


Modex BCDB has been deployed to customers across the financial,retail, transportation, healthcare, public administration, and energy sectors.


Key features of the Modex BCDB platform include:

Easy Deployment

  • Deployed on prem orin any cloud infrastructure (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud).
  • Inserted between theserver side code and your existing databases to allow data to be read from boththe BCDB or your database directly.

Data Security and Traceability

  • Ensure the integrityof your data by validating the record signature with a copy stored in theblockchain immutable ledger.
  • Reconstruct anyunauthorized record modification by restoring the data to the original version.

Real-Time Backup

  • Maintain full datanodes capable of reconstructing new BCDB instances from scratch for every lostdata node.
  • Eliminate the needfor storage-intensive snapshots.

Regulatory Compliance

  • Define sub-networksto achieve specific configuration for restriction of data synchronization.
  • Achieve datasynchronization on the group level data based on regulatory needs related toindustry and geography.


  • Default, continuousencryption.
  • Database agnostic.

Pay-per-Use with Customized Enterprise Pricing

  • License-based, with apay-as-you-go model.
  • Certain number offree transactions to support the growth of new adopters.


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About Modex

Founded in 2017 by Mihai Ivascu, Modex began as a platformfor developers to help them build DApps without learning blockchain-specificcode. Upon realizing the challenges of blockchain extended beyond developmentinto deployment itself, the company sought a way to bring blockchain tobusinesses. Modex has offices in London, Gibraltar, Bucharest, and a newlyopened Silicon Valley location, where the team will focus on businessdevelopment. The company employs over 60 developers, business architects, anddesigners.


Modex - The Blockchain Database Company

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