Sega Entertainment Selects Infor ERP Solution to Modernise its Operating Environment

April 12, 2019 - 05:35
Sega Entertainment Selects Infor ERP Solution to Modernise its Operating Environment

Deploys versatile “Infor LN” to streamline workflows limited by highly-customized mission-critical systems


TOKYO, JAPAN - MediaOutReach - April 12, 2019 Infor Japan K.K., theJapanese subsidiary of Infor, a global leader in business cloud software specialized by industry, todayannounced that Sega Entertainment Co., Ltd. has selected Infor LN, an ERP solution for manufacturing companies, to enable it to meet newbusiness demands and promote business efficiencies. Infor partner Hitachi, Ltd.will also assist in the implementation of the project.


With its mission of "Creating happy, moving experiences and contributing tosociety through places of enjoyment," Sega Entertainment's business revolvesaround the operation of entertainment and amusement facilities. In recentyears, the company has continually implemented new initiatives to createenjoyable experiences and amusement space using the latest technologies. Onesuch example is the trial launch of its official Sega Platon app that supportselectronic payments.


To enable its employees to focus on new initiatives, Sega Entertainment istransforming work styles and promoting business efficiencies in both officesand game arcades. One area that has proved challenging is its mission-criticalsystems that have been highly-customized and developed completely from scratchfor its past amusement business. Tied to aging systems that scaled poorly, SegaEntertainment has been unable to advance its agenda of reforming workflows toimprove efficiencies and meeting the demands of new businesses.


Having established the need to modernise its systems, Sega Entertainmentchooses Infor LN ERP solution for manufacturing companies because it offers ahighly-versatile package of functionalities that are able to support the uniquecommercial practices of the trade, as well as the flexibility required forimproving and adding new business operations. Another reason for selecting Inforis the partnership with Hitachi, a company that has been partnering with Inforsince the solution was launched in the Japanese market. With considerableknowledge of Infor LN and a deep understanding of Sega Entertainment'sbusiness, Hitachi will assist with the deployment.


Sega Entertainment plans to leverage Infor LN to build a newmission-critical platform for the management of accounts, sales and logistics,including warehouse management.  Thesystem is expected to be fully operational by the summer of 2020.


Using this new platform, Sega Entertainment will streamline its legacybusiness processes and information flows, and promote business efficiencies.For example, by developing systems for managing its warehouse inventories ofprizes and other considerations needed for the rapidly-changing needs of arcadegames, it plans to reduce excess inventories and cut down on the workload ofits arcade employees. With the extra time gained by a more efficient business,it hopes to develop new businesses that can create enjoyable experiences andspaces. It also expects the new platform to support the new business operationsgenerated by this change.


"As the lives of our customers become more digitalized, our core businessof amusement facility management also needs to move from analogue to digitalprocesses," says Hideo Kawai, Director, Business Strategy Department, BusinessPlanning Division, Sega Entertainment Co., Ltd. "Because of the limitationsposed by legacy systems that we had built from scratch, we looked into ERPpackages that would support us through this change. We chose to adopt Infor LNbecause of its great versatility, and because of Hitachi's knowledge andexperience of the solution, its support capabilities and its practical skills.Infor LN will enable us to modernise our operating environment and provide newplaces of enjoyment that meet the needs of our customers."

About Sega Entertainment Co., Ltd.

As a member of the Sega Sammy Holdings group of companies, SegaEntertainment's business revolves around the operation of amusement facilities.Building on the Sega Sammy group's mission of "Continuing to Create MovingExperiences," it set itself the mission of "Creating happy, moving experiencesand contributing to society through places of enjoyment," while operating underthe vision of becoming "A company that creates places of enjoyment." Forfurther details, see

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