SUSE Completes Move to Independence, Reaffirms Commitment to Customers, Partners and Open Source Communities as Industry’s Largest Independent Open Source Company

March 18, 2019 - 10:20
SUSE Completes Move to Independence, Reaffirms Commitment to Customers, Partners and Open Source Communities as Industry’s Largest Independent Open Source Company

SUSE adds C-level executives to ensure continued success, momentum and growth as a leading provider of enterprise-grade, open source software-defined infrastructure and application delivery solutions to enable hybrid and multi-cloud workload management


HONGKONG, CHINA - MediaOutReach - 18 March 2019 - SUSE® today announced the creation ofthe largest independent open source company following the completion of SUSE's acquisition by growth investor EQT from Micro Focus. With its ongoing momentum,portfolio expansion and successful execution in the marketplace, as astandalone business SUSE is now even better positioned to focus on the needs ofcustomers and partners as a leading provider of enterprise-grade, open sourcesoftware-defined infrastructure and application delivery solutions that enablecustomer workloads anywhere -- on premise, hybrid and multi-cloud -- withexceptional service, value and flexibility.

The newly independent SUSE has expanded its executiveteam, adding new leadershiproles and experience to foster itscontinued momentum into this next stage of corporate development. EnricaAngelone has been named to the new post of chief financial officer, and SanderHuyts is SUSE's new chief operations officer. Thomas Di Giacomo, formerly chieftechnology officer for SUSE, is now president of Engineering, Product andInnovation. All three report to SUSE CEO Nils Brauckmann.

"Current IT trends make it clear that open source hasbecome more important in the enterprise than ever before," Brauckmann said. "Webelieve that makes our status as a truly independent open source company moreimportant than ever. Our genuinely open, open source solutions, flexiblebusiness practices, lack of enforced vendor lock-in and exceptional service aremore critical to  customer  and partner organizations, and ourindependence coincides with our single-minded focus on delivering what is bestfor them. Our ability to consistently meet these market demands creates a cycleof success, momentum and growth that allows SUSE to continue to deliver theinnovation customers need to achieve their digital transformation goals andrealize the hybrid and multi-cloud workload management they require to powertheir own continuous innovation, competitiveness and growth."

SUSE's transition is timely as containers are enabling newlevels of agility and the need for digital transformation built on open sourcesoftware-defined infrastructure and application delivery technologies isgrowing. SUSE's heritage in open source software, strong brand and array ofinnovative solutions, including container management, ideally position it tocapitalize on this market dynamic,creating tremendous value for customers and partners.EQT's backing and SUSE's independent status will enable the company's continuedexpansion as advanced innovation drives growth in SUSE's core business as wellas in emerging technologies, both organically and through add-on acquisitions.

Al Gillen, group vice president, Software Development andOpen Source, IDC, said, "SUSE's return to the role of an independent opensource software company comes at a pivotal point in the industry. Open sourcesoftware is the favored way to build new solutions today and is irreplaceableas the foundation for most publiccloud services. As one of the industry's largest purely open source softwarecompanies, SUSE's independence will benefit customers as the company builds onits heritage of technical excellence, value-driven partnerships and communityengagement to deliver timely technology solutions to the market."

SUSE's expanded leadership team led by CEO Brauckmann willbuild on the rapid growth of the past eight years as the company continues todeliver and innovate based on current and future market requirements. As it hasfor more than 25 years, SUSE remains committed to an open source developmentand business model and to actively participating in communities and projects tobring open source innovation to the enterprise as high-quality, reliable andusable solutions. This truly open, open source model refers to the flexibilityand freedom of choice provided to customers and partners to createbest-of-breed solutions that combine SUSE technologies with other products andtechnologies in their IT landscape through open standards and at differentlevels in their architecture, without forcing a locked-in stack. This focus onopenness is embedded in SUSE's culture, differentiates it in the marketplace andhas been key to its success.

Johannes Reichel, partner at EQT, said, "SUSE's marketpresence, strong leadership, focus on customer success and ability to partner successfullyhave been and will continue to be crucial as SUSE enters this next phase of itsevolution. It is in the right place at the right time with the right resourcesto help transform the way organizations around the world do business."

As an independent, trusted partner for enterprise digitaltransformation, SUSE delivers software solutions, support and services througha multinational organization and an enabled, qualified partner ecosystemunderpinned by secure enterprise-grade technologies. SUSE is currently involvedin more than 100 open source projects, supported by employees around the world.The company continues to grow as an independent vendor of open source softwareas it helps organizations of all kinds transform and compete in today's businessenvironment. For more information, visit

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