MetLife Hong Kong Launches Brand-new Income Plan

November 30, 2018 - 02:06
MetLife Hong Kong Launches Brand-new Income Plan

MetLifeRetirement Enricher Income Plan offers monthly retirement income up to age 120


HONG KONG, CHINA - MediaOutReach - November30, 2018 - MetLife Hong Kong* announced the launch of its brand-newMetLife Retirement Enricher Income Plan, a flexible retirement solution thatoffers a steady stream of guaranteed retirement income up to age 120, along with adaptability andwealth growth potential.


MetLifeHong Kong announced the launch of its brand-new MetLife Retirement EnricherIncome Plan.
(Leftto right: Eva Wong, Chief Agency Officer, and VincentChan, Head of Product of MetLife Hong Kong)


Mr.Vincent Chan, Head of Product of MetLife Hong Kong, said, "People are nowliving longer. While this give us more time to enjoy life after retirement,outliving retirement funds has become one of the top concerns for peoplein Hong Kong. At MetLife Hong Kong, we are committed to constantly deliveringsolutions that meet our customers' needs and provide them with greater value.In view of increasing awareness and the need for early retirement planning, wehave added MetLife Retirement Enricher Income Plan to our retirement productsuite to provide customers the total peace of mind that comes with the plan'sflexibility and guaranteed retirement income."


Key features of MetLifeRetirement Enricher Income Plan include:

  • Monthly income up to age 120 -- The plan offers monthly income up to age 120. Throughoutthe income period, in addition to the guaranteed monthly income, customers mayalso receive additional, non-guaranteed monthly income.
  • Flexibility to pay at own pace -- Four premium payment periods are available for customers'selection: 5, 10, 15 or 20 years. A premium prepaymentoption is available for the 5-year premium payment term.
  • Greater control on retirement planning -- Customers may choose to start receiving the monthly incomefrom age 55, 60 or 65. The Plan also allows customers to postpone the startdate of receiving their monthly income to a later date than planned.
  • Accumulation period for building retirement reserve -- The plan has built-in capability to grow the retirementreserve with guaranteed cash value and wealth growth potential with a terminaldividend (non-guaranteed).


Ms.Eva Wong, Chief Agency Officer of MetLife Hong Kong, said, "With a flexible andcomprehensive retirement income plan, even small amounts set aside today can goa long way towards funding comfortable retirement. By offering a comprehensivesuite of customer-oriented retirement planning and protection solutions,complemented by the expertise of our proficient financial planners, MetLifeHong Kong is dedicated to empowering our customers to take simple but effectivesteps towards planning for fruitful retirement."


MetLifeRetirement Enricher Income Plan is available for customers aged 18 to 55. Fromnow till December 31, 2018, customers who successfully apply for MetLifeRetirement Enricher Income Plan can enjoy a premium discount of up to one month#.


For further details about MetLife Retirement EnricherIncome Plan, please visit:

# Termsand conditions apply. For further details, please refer to the relevantpromotion leaflet.


The above information is intended forreference only. Please refer to the relevant Policy Provisions of MetLife Retirement Enricher Income Plan for definitions,detailed terms, conditions and exclusions.



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