Immuno Cure Successfully Admitted into the HKSTP Elite Programme

June 26, 2024 - 08:45
Immuno Cure Successfully Admitted into the HKSTP Elite Programme

Remarkable funding support for becoming a biotech unicorn

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach Newswire - 26 June 2024 - Immuno Cure BioTech ("Immuno Cure") is delighted to announce its recent successful admission to the prestigious Elite Programme of Hong Kong Science & Technology Park ("HKSTP"), positioning the company for accelerated growth and innovation in the field of biotechnology in Hong Kong. This significant funding support will fuel Immuno Cure's mission to revolutionize DNA vaccine and antibody immunotherapies for fighting infectious diseases, inflammatory diseases, and cancers.
The Elite Programme of HKSTP is a three-year milestone-based funding programme of HK$21.5 million, aiming to promote enterprises with innovative technology and strong growth potentials to become a future "unicorn". Immuno Cure has recently become one of the thirty-seven HKSTP Elite companies.
Immuno Cure's DNA vaccines are based on its "PD-1-Enhanced DNA Vaccine Platform" for DNA vaccines with dendritic cell-targeting ability, together with electroporation-assisted enhanced drug delivery by its "Vaccine Delivery Platform". Currently, two DNA vaccine candidates, ICVAX and ICCOV, are undergoing Phase I and Phase IIa clinical trials respectively. ICVAX is a therapeutic DNA vaccine candidate for HIV/AIDS, and ICCOV is a preventive DNA vaccine candidate for COVID-19. Immuno Cure's DNA vaccine pipeline also includes cancer DNA vaccine candidates at earlier R&D stages.
Apart from DNA vaccines, Immuno Cure's "Anti-Δ42PD1 Antibody Platform" utilizes a newly discovered Δ42PD1, an isoformic programmed cell death protein 1 (PD-1), for the restoration of cancer-killing function of killer T cells for the treatment of cancers such as liver cancer and colorectal cancer. A humanized anti-Δ42PD1 antibody against liver cancer is at IND-enabling stage currently, and its first-in-human trial is expected in 2025.
Dr. Xia JIN, CEO of Immuno Cure, said, "Being selected to join the Elite Programme is a huge privilege and we're thrilled to be among the most dynamic and innovative businesses in Hong Kong, which underscores the trust and confidence placed in our company merits and research achievements. With the strong backing from HKSTP, Immuno Cure will continue to lead the way in DNA medicines, antibodies and novel immunotherapies research and development, developing new and powerful vaccine technologies to broaden our cancer and infectious disease portfolio."
Dr Percy CHENG, Chairman of Immuno Cure, concluded, "This recognition further strengthens Immuno Cure's position as a frontrunner in the local biotech industry, with the potential to become the leading company worldwide. With the support of HKSTP, we will bring our HIV vaccine and other promising candidates to market and usher in a new era in healthcare."
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About Immuno Cure

Immuno Cure is a clinical stage biotechnology group based in the Hong Kong Science Park, focusing on research and development of immunotherapies for cancers, inflammatory and infectious diseases based on its patented PD-1-enhanced DNA vaccine and Anti-Δ42PD1 Antibody platforms; with two DNA vaccine candidates currently in clinical trials.
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