Philips Revolutionizes USB-C Monitor Lineup with New Categories Tailored for Every Profession

June 25, 2024 - 02:47
Philips Revolutionizes USB-C Monitor Lineup with New Categories Tailored for Every Profession
SINGAPORE - Media OutReach Newswire - 25 June 2024 - Emphasising high speed data transfers and charging, Philips presents 4 new USB-C monitor categories to cater to every type of professional user.
Philips Revolutionizes USB-C Monitor Lineup with New Categories Tailored for Every Profession
Philips Revolutionizes USB-C Monitor Lineup with New Categories Tailored for Every Profession

In a significant expansion to their product offerings, Philips Monitors today announced a strategic revamp of their USB-C monitor lineup, designed to cater to the diverse needs of professionals across various industries. This new range emphasizes high-speed data transfers, super-fast charging capabilities, and serves as a one-stop solution for seamless connectivity.
Four New Categories for Specific Professional Demands
Understanding the varying demands of professional environments, Philips has segmented their USB-C monitors into four distinct categories: Pro Docking (Thunderbolt™ & USB-C), USB-C Docking, USB-C Plus, and USB-C. Each category is engineered to address the unique requirements of its user base—from creative professionals to business executives, and from remote workers to those operating from a home office.
New Philips USB-C Categories and Key Features
Pro Docking (ThunderBolt™ & USB-C)
Designed for creative professionals such as graphic artists, video editors, and digital designers, Pro Docking USB-C monitors integrate Thunderbolt™ 4 technology, supporting high-speed data transfer at consistent 40Gbps. This ensures world-class performance across five devices on a single cable, enabling users to easily connect multiple devices for a neat and efficient workspace, as well as enabling creatives to work on complex projects that involve multiple high-resolution image files.
The integration of the Windows Hello™ Webcam offers split-second login via biometric facial recognition, with 5 MP resolution, high quality audio speakers, and noise-cancelling microphone ensuring seamless remote collaborations during video conferences or creative brainstorming sessions. The physical camera switch provides an added layer of privacy when the camera is not in use.
Key features also include PD 100W charging, which allows users to charge compatible devices from the monitor itself while transferring data at super high speeds, and 4 USB hub extensions for extra connectivity. The DisplayPort Out feature permits effortless daisy-chaining of multiple monitors for enhanced productivity and expanded screen real estate.
Available models include the 49B2U6903CH, 34B2U6603CH, 27B2U6903, 40B1U6903CH, 49B2U5900CH, 34B2U5600C, 34B1U5600CH, 27B1U5601H, and 24B1U5301H.
USB-C Docking
Constructed with the needs of business executives in mind, the USB-C Docking category offers streamlined workflow capabilities. Not only does the single reversible USB-C cable enable a more efficient, uncluttered workspace, but also allows users to engage in online meetings seamlessly with optimal video resolutions and audio from high-quality speakers. The inclusion of Power Delivery (PD) charging at 65W allows laptops and other compatible devices to be charged directly from the monitor.
With 4 USB hub extensions, Daisy Chain support, and Ethernet reaching up to 1G, users can easily connect multiple devices, expand their screen real estate for panoramic-enhanced productivity, and ensure a more organized workspace. This is ideal for professionals looking to consolidate all their information sources - be it on their laptop, tablet, or smartphone - and prepare for critical meetings with confidence and efficiency.
Available models include the 273S1 and 243S1.
USB-C Plus
Designed for home users needing to work or study remotely, the USB-C Plus category provides 2 essential USB-C extensions and PD 65W charging, allowing users to stay on top of work and assignments while ensuring their laptop always remains powered. This configuration supports optimal video and audio speakers that are critical for streaming lectures or video meetings, while the PD 65W charging keeps the user's device powered throughout long study or work sessions.
Available models include the 27E1N1900AE, 27E1N1600AE, 27E1N1300AE, 24E1N1300AE, 27E1N1300A, and 24E1N1300A.
Geared towards digital nomads and remote workers, the USB-C category supports USB-C display and PD 15W charging. As a travelling professional or explorer, having the capability to connect a laptop or tablet to a monitor via a single USB-C cable that also charges the device simplifies their tech setup and enhances portable versatility, perfect for editing a travel vlog in a hotel room or pitching ideas to clients internationally using a teleconferencing app. It also allows users to enjoy a larger screen, a significant benefit for tasks like video editing and large spreadsheet editing.
Available models include the 273E1EW, 243E1EW, 16B1P3302, 16B1P3302D, and 16B1P3300.
Unrivalled Connectivity with USB-C
"With our revamped USB-C monitor lineup, Philips Monitors reaffirms its commitment to improving the lives of users by merging cutting-edge technology with user-friendly functionality," said Kevin Wu, General Manager at Philips Monitors. "These monitors are not just tools, but gateways to enhanced productivity, creativity, and connectivity for professionals across the board."
These new categories underscore Philips' dedication to understanding and integrating the specific needs and preferences of various professional sectors into their products.
To explore more about the new Philips USB-C monitors and find the perfect fit for your professional needs, please visit Monitors | Philips
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