"Enjoy the sweet and fresh air in Fujian", Fujian's ecological civilization construction has reached a new height

October 24, 2022 - 02:21
"Enjoy the sweet and fresh air in Fujian", Fujian's ecological civilization construction has reached a new height
FUZHOU, CHINA - Media OutReach - 24 October 2022 - The spokespersons of the delegations from seven provinces (cities), including Fujian Province, Heilongjiang Province, Shanghai and Jiangsu Province, present on the evening of October 18. According to the Fujian Provincial Information Office The Fujian delegation introduced in detail the new developments in Fujian over recent years in the promotion and innovation of "Fu" (which means blessings) culture and the ecological civilization construction.
Fujian, having 4 world cultural heritage sites, 8 entries in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists, and 145 entries in the National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of China, now rank among the top throughout China in terms of the number of World Heritage sites. The culture of "Fu" is infused in every aspect of the people of Fujian.
People could even enjoy the sweet and fresh air in Fujian. Known as "A Landscape Gallery and Pure Land of Blessings within the Mundane World", Fujian, with the Wuyi Mountains to the west and the vast ocean to the east, has become China's first pilot ecological civilization zone in 2016 and ranked among the top in China over years for Green Eco-Civilization Index. Ecosystem stability, sustainability and biodiversity in Fujian have been effectively maintained, and 39 reform achievements in the ecological civilization pilot zone have been replicated and promoted in China. In Fujian, the proportion of good air days in cities reached 99.2%, and the proportion of good water quality in 12 major rivers reached 97.3%. The statistics data indicates that Fujian has created about 4.3% of aggregate economic output with only around 1.3% of land and 2.9% of energy consumption across China.
Fujian will adhere to green development by incorporating carbon peaking and carbon neutrality into the layout of the ecological province construction, cultivating and expanding industries for energy conservation and clean energy, accelerating the green transformation of traditional industries, and striving to build a green, circular, and low-carbon development system and implement the pilot market reform of ecological products, to explore the mechanism of realizing the value of ecological products; and deliver the most inclusive well-being and welfare of people based on a good ecological environment, implement major projects for the protection and restoration of important ecosystems, widely create a new fashion for green and low-carbon production and life, so as to build a more impressive business card for beautiful Fujian with clean air, green eco-system and clear water.
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