2022 Taipei Indigenous Peoples Culture Festival – Indigenous Taipei, Fabulous Taipei

September 20, 2022 - 08:37
2022 Taipei Indigenous Peoples Culture Festival – Indigenous Taipei, Fabulous Taipei

The People of Taipei are Invited to Share a Summer Night Filled with Indigenous Culture - Music, Dance, Performances, and Tribal Cuisine

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - Media OutReach - 20 September 2022 - As part of the 2022 Taipei Indigenous Peoples Culture Festival celebrations, Indigenous Taipei, Fabulous Taipei was held on September 17th (Saturday) in the square at the Yuanshan Flower Expo. The event featured activities such as tribe culture experiences, booths with tribal cuisine and indigenous handicrafts, as well as eight hours of exciting performances by 20 groups, bringing the citizens of Taipei a festive night of celebration for indigenous culture.
Mayor Ko Wen-je participated in the 2022 Taipei Indigenous Peoples Culture Festival on Sep. 17, presenting the winners of the 2nd Linban Song Competition and taking pictures with TIPC's indigenous choir.

Indigenous groups from Taipei, Tribal Colleges, university indigenous clubs, and Art Fly were invited to share music and dance performances unique to indigenous culture. Well-known indigenous celebrities were also invited to share in the festivities of the Night of Indigenous Peoples. TIPC's indigenous choir kicked off the night, and indigenous celebrities of the likes of Rachel Liang and Dai Ai Ling also gave fantastic performances. The first indigenous Latin-rap band BOXING and hip-hop & rock-n-roll band FOCUS also demonstrated how indigenous culture can be incorporated into multiple music genres, pushing the festivities of the cultural festival to an ultimate climax.
The winners of the 2nd Linban Song Competition were also honored with awards presented by Mayor Ko Wen-je and gave live performances at the event. The event highlighted their struggles of moving to Taipei from their tribes in pursuit of a career in music, as well as the incredible work ethic that city-dwelling indigenous peoples incorporate into their daily lives.
Booths were set up around the square featuring hunting culture, indigenous cuisine, traditional weaving crafts, and culture experiences showcasing indigenous traditional knowledge. There was also a special market dedicated to traditional arts and crafts, cultural creative and agricultural products, as well as specialty indigenous cuisine – fully showcasing the irresistible appeal of indigenous culture through the five senses with an experience that transcends ethnicities, regions, language, and art. The event highlights indigenous wisdom and traditional ways of life, all the while forging Taipei into a great city that encompasses many different cultures.
This year's event will continue until the 2023 Taiwan Lantern Festival, the theme of which will be "Light Taipei, Taipei is the Future!" in hopes of illuminating the city where dreams take flight. Indigenous people from across Taiwan will be invited to Taipei for the 2023 National Indigenous Peoples Game in March of next year. This event is an important sporting event dedicated to indigenous peoples and will help incorporate indigenous culture with city life in Taipei for greater exposure and brilliant synergy.