Roam Around the "Salt Universe" in Southwest Coast of Taiwan - 2022 SALT SCULPTURE ART FESTIVAL

July 29, 2022 - 11:32
Roam Around the "Salt Universe" in Southwest Coast of Taiwan - 2022 SALT SCULPTURE ART FESTIVAL
TAINAN, TAIWAN - Media OutReach - 29 July 2022 - Organized by the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Administration of the Tourism Bureau, M.O.T.C., R.O.C, the unique 2022 SALT SCULPTURE ART FESTIVAL was officially launched on July 2nd. The "Salt Sculpture Art" exhibition and the "Light Sculpting Landscape Art" exhibition were launched respectively in Tainan, Taiwan.

During the launching ceremony, Mayor of Tainan Huang Wei-che, Deputy Director of the Tourism Bureau Chou Ting-chang, Legislator Lai Hui-yuan and Chen Ting-fei came to the ceremony to show their support. More than 30 VIPs from the government offices and Tourism Industry came to kick off the festival.

Chou Ting-chang said that the Tourism Bureau has entered a mode of coexistence with the pandemic in response to the recent easing of the pandemic. He hopes that during the summer vacation, people can go outdoors and activate the domestic economy. From July 15th to December 15th, the "Domestic Travel Subsidy Program" will be implemented, providing subsidy and preferential programs including "Group Travel Subsidy", "Taiwanese Accommodation Discount" and "Tourism and Recreation Admission Discount". This year's festival takes "Salt Universe" as the theme and cooperates with the ever-victorious sticker brand Very Miss Rabbit for the first time to create a series of imaginative and joyful works, making the festival very family-friendly.
Huang Wei-che indicated that this is the 11th year of the Salt Sculpture Art Festival and it's the first time to exhibit Light Sculpting Landscape Art. The exhibition combines art and the local landscape, which is believed to attract tourists to come and enjoy the beauty of the sunset and the art of light and shadow.
Lai Hui-yuan said that the festival has become an important artistic platform for salt industry culture. Lai hopes that through this event, more domestic and foreign tourists will be attracted to the southwest to experience the local lifestyle, appreciate the Tainan's salt industry history, and boost the local tourism economy development.
Chen Ting-fei said, the Art Festival have injected youthful and lively elements into the cultural innovation, especially in the oldest existing Jingzaijiao Salt Field in Taiwan, where the Light Sculpting Landscape Art is displayed.
According to the Administration, Tainan occupies an important place in Taiwan's salt industry history. To continue the culture of salt industry, the unique-in-Taiwan "Salt Sculpture Art Festival" has been established since 2012. The festival has established its brand status with a white-color tourism image of the Southwest. Classic exhibits are created every year through innovative techniques, combining local scenery, ecology, and salt industry culture.
Event Schedule:
July 2nd to August 31st.
Salt Sculpture Art:
9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. @ Salt Mountain in Qigu.
Light Sculpting Landscape Art:
7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. @ Jingzaijiao Tile-paved Salt Fields in Beimen
A series of events will also be held on weekends and holidays. Local businesses have prepared many good deals for tourists. Welcome to experience the trend of salty taste in the Southwest!
The festival specially cooperates with "Cola Tour" to launch a One-day/Two-day Tour Itinerary. Please sign up in their official website.
In addition, "Taiwan Tourist No. 61 West Coast Shuttle Bus" is carried out together with the event. On every weekend and holiday until August 31st, a 20% discount is offered for the One-day Transport Pass at Singing Bus Terminal (Original price: NT$ 100).
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