CoinShaker Brings on Unlimited Passive Income

June 09, 2022 - 11:46
CoinShaker Brings on Unlimited Passive Income

First AI Automatic Trading Robot in Hong Kong with Easy Access to Cryptocurrency Market

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 9 June 2022 - Cryptocurrency has always been accused of being a lesser-known investment tool, the general public does not know much about it, and some people even misunderstand that Bitcoin is the only option of cryptocurrency. In recent years, as several cryptocurrencies continue to hit a record of high prices, and many large companies accept cryptocurrency payments subsequently, the public's acceptance of cryptocurrencies has increased. In order to enhance people's understanding of cryptocurrencies, four young people has developed Hong Kong's first artificial intelligence automatic trading system, which is connected to the world's largest cryptocurrency market - Binance, so that beginners in the crypto community don't need to worry, and their investment is no longer limited by time.
"CoinShaker" has similar meaning with cash cow, money will fill the pocket with one shake. CoinShaker was established in March 2021, founded and partnered by four young people. As the first artificial intelligence automatic trading program system in Hong Kong, CoinShaker helps customers to continuously increase investment returns in the cryptocurrency market, achieve expected returns every day with lower risk plan. The entire transaction process is conducted through the third-party platform, Binance, which is safe and reliable. Before the official launch of the program, CoinShaker has gathered more than 100 users in the cryptocurrency market to use its program to trade. Thanks to the efforts of the four co-founders and partners, CoinShaker was established at a low cost and became a profitable company.
CoinShaker has a coin shaking community that encourages users to share the invitation code with their friends, and join together to earn unlimited passive income. If the friends of users entered the invitation code to register as a member, and every time they receive investment returns through the system, CoinShaker will distribute up to 4% of the rewards to the user.
CoinShaker's Registration Guide is as follows:
1. Download Binance app from Google Play Store / App Store
2. Fill in the required personal information for registration
3. Activate your Binance account via email
1. Log-in your Binance account and switch to Binance Pro, click "unverified" next to your ID
2. Proceed to identity authentication after verifying your ID
3. Choose "Hong Kong" as living country/city
4. Upload your identity document
5. Proceed to face verification after you have uploaded the require document
* Don't wear hat and glasses, avoid using filter and make sure there is good lighting
1. Click "Manage API" in the content page
2. Use your email to verify
3. Create "CoinShaker" label
4. Copy API Key & *Secret Key
*Note that Secret Key system will only show once, please remember to copy the key code in this page
5. Choose "Allow spot trading and leveraged trading"
6. Set your IP address access right to "unrestricted" and save this page
1. Register CoinShaker account by using your email address:
*Must enter an invitation code to register an account
2. Activate your CoinShaker account via email
3. Buy a membership and points
4. Copy your payment code or use QR code to pay in Binance
1. Switch to your Binance account and finish the payment
2. Click "Fund"- "Withdrawl", and choose USDT
3. Paste the payment code that you copied from Coinshaker in the address column
*Note that you must choose "Tron(TRC20)"as the network option, otherwise, the payment will be failed
4. Click "Withdrawl" after you have entered the amount, Binance will deduct the handling fee automatically
5. Copy the trading ID (Txid)
6. Mark down the amount shown in the system, and switch to CoinShaker Membership and Points page
7. Copy your Binance trading ID to CoinShaker and write down the amount, the trading will proceed automatically
*If membership days and points are inadequate, the system will stop operating
1. Enter the Binance API Key and Secret Key that you have set before in CoinShaker app
2. Click "Test Connection"
3. You will receive a notification once the connection is successful

After completing the above process, users can also enter the risk setting page and adjust the investment plan according to their personal needs, including: balanced, conservative and aggressive. The aggressive plan is only recommended for users who have invested in cryptocurrencies for two years or more. In addition, CoinShaker recommends users to choose five to ten cryptocurrencies as the investment combination, with a minimum investment of US$7,500 per cryptocurrency, and ideally US$30,000 per cryptocurrency. The system will display currency market value, past returns and ratings for users' reference.
More details on CoinShaker registration please visit:
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