OxProp Capital Launches New Property Financing Offerings

April 11, 2022 - 06:22
OxProp Capital Launches New Property Financing Offerings
SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 13 April 2022 - Financing startup OxProp Capital has announced that it will be launching its new property financing offerings, in its push to solve SMEs' working capital needs and to deliver technology-driven credit solutions to underserved Singaporeans.
In today's credit landscape, many borrowers are turned away by traditional providers for failing to meet borrowing criteria due to poor credit history or outstanding loans. With the belief that individuals and businesses should enjoy equal and fair access to quality loans, OxProp Capital aims to advance financial inclusion and help its customers embark on a better financial future. To achieve that, it offers up to 80% Loan-To-Value (LTV) for property loans, with fewer red tapes and more relaxed eligibility criteria. Furthermore, it also offers fixed-rate loans to protect its customers from a sudden increment in monthly mortgage payments.
OxProp Capital uses advanced analytics and proprietary technology to streamline the borrowing process and transform the way people access credit online. While traditional bank financing can take at least 30 days or even months to process a loan application, OxProp Capital can disburse funds as fast as a week after completing the paperwork. With its fast approval rates, individuals and businesses in need of home loans, loans for commercial property or funds for financing important milestones, emergencies, or business expansion can get access to funds quickly and seamlessly.
With a strong history of finance-related services and activities, OxProp Capital promises four things: transparent and straightforward rates with no hidden fees, borrowing options tailored to your specific needs, fast approval and disbursement of funds, and a high LTV to get the most out of your equity. As a trusted provider of property financing loans in Singapore, OxProp Capital hopes to extend its services to help individuals and businesses reach financial independence by overcoming complicated obstacles in their property loan application process.
For more info, please visit https://oxpropcapital.com/.

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