OPPO Find X5 series is equipped with the newest version of O Relax, which brings a Moment of Calm for the users

April 08, 2022 - 09:35
OPPO Find X5 series is equipped with the newest version of O Relax, which brings a Moment of Calm for the users
SHENZHEN, CHINA - Media OutReach - 8 April 2022 - O Relax, an app offered for free along with ColorOS 12.1 on the latest launched flagship OPPO Find X5 series, offers a peaceful sanctuary on mobile phone — a private meditation space where users can take time out to enjoy relaxing sounds and relieve stress.

The power of sound
There have been various studies that indicate sound is intrinsically linked to people's emotional wellbeing and can have a big impact on releasing stress. As an industry leader in sound technology, with a rich history in audio production, OPPO knows the impact that sound can have on users' feelings and emotions, ever since it released its first MP3 player in 2005. That's what makes O Relax such an important feature, and why it's been built into ColorOS 12.1 in Find X5 series.
Through a combination of audio-visual-haptic feedback, O Relax provides users with multi-sensory experience. This not only deepens the connection to the audio they are hearing, but also offers things to see, touch and feel, across all features of the app.
Explore the city through sound
One of O Relax's key features is Sounds of the City, which offers users something that can't be found in any other app. So far, O Relax has recorded sound samples of the day-to-day occurrences in six iconic cities around the world. Whether it's the sound of busy markets in Bangkok or the breeze through the trees in Reykjavik, O Relax transports its users to the heart of these cities with their own unique soundscape.

OPPO has also encouraged its users to share the sounds that reflect their memories or favourite things about their city, to create user-inspired soundtracks. The first of these was Chengdu in China.
Not just that, but with a digital map on screen that helps users to visualise exactly where the sounds were captured, Sound of the City helps users to deepen their connection and experience with the city while listening to the sound.
Through a combination of sound, vision and innovation, Sounds of the City aims to take people away from their current moment, and to feel reinvigorated through the realm of discovery and exploration.
Personalized sound experience
Alongside Sounds of the City, O Relax also offers a variety of comforting music tracks, and the sounds of white noise in nature, such as the sound of rain or waves, to help deliver those moments of calm.
All of O Relax's sounds and soundtracks are chosen and produced by OPPO's master tuner, who conducts experiments on the different combinations of tone, rhythm and audible frequencies to find the perfect balance. Additionally, O Relax offers multi-track mixing to create the perfect personalized sound experience for its users.

This extensive ability for customisation and personalisation is reflected in the design philosophy of ColorOS, which places a huge emphasis on the importance of the user experience and personalising their experience when using the phone.
Experience a deeper connection
Through the combination of audio and haptic feedback, O Relax's deep breathing exercises and relaxation games are designed for users to feel calm. With the strongest haptic motor available on an Android device today, Find X5 Pro provides with a better O Relax user experience than ever before, generating natural, crisp and quiet feedback with every touch and delivering a further dimension to the audio and visual experience.
However, O Relax doesn't stop there. With precise placement and movement of individual sounds, the addition of Dolby Atmos panoramic audio helps to place a listener at the heart of the sound for an even more powerful and moving experience, offering breathtaking sound quality, with impressive clarity, richness and detail like no other.
With O Relax, OPPO brings together this human-centric approach with its passion for audio to create an experience that brings a much-needed moment of calm back to busy lives.
*Note:The availability of O-Relax may vary among reigons.

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