Hong Kong Design Centre Welcomes Additional Resources to Boost Local Creative Industries in 2022-23 Budget Address

February 23, 2022 - 12:50
Hong Kong Design Centre Welcomes Additional Resources to Boost Local Creative Industries in 2022-23 Budget Address
HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 23 February 2022 - As the Hong Kong SAR Government's strategic partner in establishing Hong Kong as an international hub of design excellence, Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC) is supportive of the new initiatives and resources to bolster the creative industries and foster a vibrant creative ecosystem, as mentioned in the 2022-23 Budget Address delivered by the Financial Secretary, Mr. Paul Chan, today.
Following the National 14th Five-Year Plan to develop Hong Kong as an East-meets-West centre for international cultural exchange, the Budget Address has pledged $42 million for organising the first Hong Kong Performing Arts Market in the next two years. This new international platform would be used to showcase creative works from the Mainland, Hong Kong and overseas, giving a boost to local creative industries by taking Hong Kong to the world stage and facilitating exchanges with industry peers.
Business of Design Week (BODW), Hong Kong Design Centre's annual flagship event since 2002, was also mentioned in the Budget Address as an acclaimed international event supporting the development of the arts and cultural sector. Now complemented by bodw+, a year-round design knowledge exchange platform, BODW serves a similar role in facilitating creative exchanges and showcasing Hong Kong and Mainland talent to the rest of the world.
Prof. Eric Yim, Chairman of Hong Kong Design Centre, remarked, "With the direction for Hong Kong being clearly laid out in the National Five-Year Plan, new creative and cultural infrastructure, and the government's steadfast commitment to developing creative talent and industries, Hong Kong's design talent has never been in a better position to shine on a regional and global stage."
Prof. Yim added, "Taking advantage of these immense opportunities, HKDC will strengthen our mission of raising Hong Kong's position as a regional design and creative hub through signature events like BODW and other programmes. We look forward to working with the community through more cross-sector collaboration to promote this important and fast-growing sector in Hong Kong."

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