London Weight Management Wins Gold in Reader’s Digest Asia Trusted Brands 2021 Awards

December 09, 2021 - 07:50
London Weight Management Wins Gold in Reader’s Digest Asia Trusted Brands 2021 Awards

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 9 December 2021 - For the past two decades, the Reader's Digest has witnessed the voice of ordinary consumers across Asian countries. Products and services that have brought significant value to residents in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Philippines are bestowed with the Digest's Trusted Brands Award. Among the companies in Singapore with the honour of receiving the 2021 Gold prize is London Weight Management, a slimming centre with a well-known presence in the country.

Singapore's Healthy Slimming Expert


Founded in 2011 in Singapore, London Weight Management exclusively serves female clients hoping to attain a slimmer figure efficiently and effortlessly. Results-driven solutions lie at the core of the services provided by London Weight Management. Individualised, non-invasive and safe, the weight-loss programmes offered by this slimming brand have proven effective for many individuals. Breakthrough technologies and innovative treatments work hand-in-hand to eliminate stubborn fat cells, and bring forth a trim and shapely figure. Interested parties can sign up for a $28 trial session of London Weight Management's ezSlim™ treatment, the slimming centre's best-selling innovation.


"Your Healthy Slimming Expert" reads the company's tagline, and it would seem that the majority of Singaporean consumers agree. This is not the first time that London Weight Management has been bestowed with this recognition. The company has walked away with a Reader's Digest Trusted Brands Award every single year since 2015. 


How Are Recipients Selected?


The methodology behind selecting a recipient for the Trusted Brands Award is surprisingly straightforward and thorough. A representative sample of the population in five Asian countries, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Philippines, is chosen to partake in a commissioned survey by leading market research agency Catalyst Research on different products and brands across a range of industries. The list of Singapore winners for 2021 reveals a mix of companies from the healthcare, beauty, electronics, and food and beverage sectors among a range of other industries. Consumers will then vote for and rate the brands listed in the survey from "poor" to "excellent" based on the following six attributes: Trustworthiness and Credibility, Quality, Value, Understanding of Customer Needs, Innovation and Social Responsibility. The data is subsequently weighted for statistical accuracy reflective of population distributions.


Companies will receive an award from one of three different levels: Platinum, Gold and Asia. This year, London Weight Management received a Gold Trusted Brands Award, meaning that they scored significantly higher than competitors for their services in consumer votes and ratings. This brand has also received Platinum awards in previous years. 

About London Weight Management

London Weight Management is a multi-award winning slimming brand founded over two decades ago in Singapore. Prioritising innovation and the use of breakthrough technologies, London Weight Management's slimming solutions are highly sought after by women with weight concerns or individuals who desire an effortless way to achieve a shapely silhouette. For more information, visit

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