"Love Shanxi, Feast Winter Olympics" Shanxi Ice and Snow Tourism Season Grand Opening

December 09, 2021 - 05:56
"Love Shanxi, Feast Winter Olympics" Shanxi Ice and Snow Tourism Season Grand Opening

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 9 December 2021 - In the global gathering full of expectations and surprises, Shanxi gives full play to its geographical and winter tourism resources advantages and carries out Shanxi's snow and ice tourism season activities.

Come to Shanxi in winter and you can go to the professional ski resorts for fully relaxing. Shanxi is located in the Loess Plateau, which makes it has unique skiing advantages. The venue, snow quality, and supporting facilities are very professional. 11 cities in Shanxi has numerous ski resort, including Taiyuan Caiwei ski resort, Taiyuan Xiling ski resort, Taiyuan Wenlai Town snow resort, Datong Baideng Mountain ski resort, Jinzhong Jiulong ski resort, Jinzhong Wujinshan Lining ski resort, Taigu Meiyuannanshan ski resort, Lvliang Millennium ski resort. These ski resorts cover different types of ski trails such as primary trails, intermediate trails, advanced trails, snowmobile trails and snow loops, as well as snow entertainment items such as snow slides, ski carts, snow bumpers, ice bikes and children's snow parks, which can meet your diverse needs and satisfy your enjoyment.


Here, you can also hit Shanxi's ancient scenic spots. Known as "the museum of Chinese ancient architectures ", Shanxi is absolutely a bright spot you can not miss, such as the Foguang Temple named as the essence of ancient architecture, the world heritage of Pingyao Ancient City, the miracle Yingxian wooden pagoda, the wonderful murals of Yongle Palace, etc. This winter, come to Shanxi to encounter the collision of skiing and ancient architecture, feel the rhythm of the combination of dynamic and static, and imagine the future through time and space.


Come to Shanxi in winter and you can treat yourself to a spa during the warm and romantic season. Winter and hot springs are a perfect match. No matter how cold it is outside, the spring water is always warm. At the end of the year, you must enjoy the warmth. Here, we sincerely send the Shanxi hot spring resorts list to you. In northern Shanxi, you can enjoy the Datong Tangtou hot spring town, Shuozhou Sangan River hot spring resort, Xinzhou Shentangdu hot spring resort, Xinzhou Duncun hot spring resort, Xinzhou Qicun hot spring resort. In central and western Shanxi, Linfen Qixinghai hot spring resort, Jiaochen Rujin hot spring resort, Taiyuan Longyin hot spring resort, Yuci Tiansenyitang hot spring resort, Yuci Yuelongzhuang hot spring resort, Lingshi Chongningbao hot spring resort are also good options. In the central and eastern Shanxi, you can have a full relaxation in Yangquan Dachang hot spring resort, Changzhi Hushan hot spring resort, Xiaxian Yaochi hot spring resort. In this winter, do come to Shanxi to experience the double experience of fire and ice.


Come to Shanxi in winter and you can really experience the fairy Frozen. On cold days, the ice hanging and ice waterfall formed by valleys and rivers are very beautiful. The various ice curtains and icicles make people feel as if they are in the fairy tale of ice and snow. The Changzhi Tongtian Valley, Hokou waterfall, Yuncheng Wulao peak in Shanxi bring you amazing castles experiences with ice and snow.


Go to Shanxi in winter and you can taste the delicious Shanxi cuisine. Shanxi is not only famous for noodles, but for delicious food with the temperament of mediocrity. Mutton soup, prepared by dozens of rare Chinese medicines, warms your heart and the stomach. Taiyuan Tounao has a long reputation for its sophisticated process. Datong's copper hotpot is rich in ingredients and taste. Here, the Shanxi cuisine in winter is the closest flavor to home, which can comfort your appetite.


The splendid Shanxi with rivers and mountains is a must palace for you to visit. Shanxi's snow and ice tourism season and the Winter Olympics meet unexpectedly, bringing us a snow and ice feast with cultural tourism and sports spirits.