PROMPERÚ: exports of Peruvian agri-food to Singapore grow by 32.4%

November 12, 2021 - 17:12
PROMPERÚ: exports of Peruvian agri-food to Singapore grow by 32.4%

PROMPERÚ launches its ‘Super Foods Peru’ campaign at Redmart while continuing its Pisco Nights in Singapore locales.

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 15 November 2021 - Peruvian agri-food products continue their process of consolidation in Singapore, where exports approached a value of one million dollars in the first half of 2021, representing an increase of 32.4% compared to 2020.


The biggest Peruvian food exports to Singapore are chestnuts, fresh grapes, asparagus, dates and cranberries. These last two experienced spectacular growth, with increases of 309% in the case of dates and 247% in cranberries.


Peru's Export and Tourism Promotion Agency (PROMPERÚ) has launched promotional campaigns both online and in local restaurants.


For the second year running, the 'Super Foods Perú' promotional campaign has been rolled out in Singapore. This time, Peruvian products were available to buy from the website of supermarket chain Redmart in October, including the ever-popular asparagus and chestnuts, as well as coffee, cocoa, chia and quinoa.


In the restaurant sector, PROMPERÚ has also launched a special campaign to promote pisco, the Peruvian spirit with a Designation of Origin. This drink has seen an upsurge in demand in Singapore, and under the slogan of 'Pisco Nights', Singaporeans will be able to enjoy this special beverage in classic cocktails in some of Singapore's top bars during November to celebrate the country's bicentenary.


With these promotional actions, PROMPERÚ, through its ASEAN trade office based in Bangkok, seeks to consolidate Peruvian foodstuffs in a market with huge commercial potential. According to the Singapore Food Agency, the country imports 90% of the food it consumes. This figure, along with the high purchasing power of its citizens, places Singapore as a highly attractive destination for Peruvian agri-food products.  



The main destination markets for Peruvian agri-food products in Asia in 2020 were China (US$182 million), Hong Kong (US$158 million), South Korea (US$116 million) and Japan (US$89 million).


In South-East Asia, the main destinations are Indonesia (US$11.5 million), Malaysia (US$6.4 million), Thailand (US$8 million), Vietnam (US$4 million) and Singapore (US$1.4 million).



The 'Super Foods Peru' brand represents exceptionally high quality Peruvian foods. Grown and harvested in the country's varied ecosystems – ocean, jungles and mountains – these products offer outstanding nutritional qualities.


Learn more about 'Super Foods Perú' here.