Cube O Discovery Park, Hong Kong’s First City-centre Ocean Experience Opens at Plaza 88 in Tsuen Wan

September 07, 2021 - 07:47
Cube O Discovery Park, Hong Kong’s First City-centre Ocean Experience Opens at Plaza 88 in Tsuen Wan

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 7 September 2021 - Covering an area of over 10,000 feet, Cube O Discovery Park will feature a combination of real marine life displays and exciting interactive multimedia games, together with a variety of recreation, education and dining opportunities.

Ideal for family visits and social media photo posts, Cube O is located in the new landmark mall Plaza 88 in Tsuen Wan and it's Hong Kong's first marine experience destination in the city centre.


A collaboration of experts


Cube O is the first project in Hong Kong from Cube Oceanarium - a world renowned aquarium brand – and is the result of a successful collaboration between a top aquarium architect, a professional aquarium aquaculture operation team, a senior marine conservation consultant and a technical consultant who has won two Best Visual Effects Awards at the Hong Kong Film Awards.


The idea behind Cube O is to create a unique marine experience featuring the underwater world and real marine life, combined with interactive multimedia effects, to promote the message of marine protection.


A marine experience for all the family


Cube O is divided into several themed zones with different attractions including Hong Kong's first acrylic window projection. This integrates views of real marine life with projected light and shadow effects. For example, jellyfish are shown in a kaleidoscope of colours, while Virtual Reality (VR) takes visitors on a journey into the deep sea. There is also a Mixed Reality (MR) jellyfish classroom, a playhouse for children and a dining area. These exciting experiences offer an ideal family-oriented day out, and a perfect Instagrammable spot for young people.

Unveiling an ocean wonderland

By combining real marine life with artistic light and shadow effects that transform plain jellyfish into a colourful bubble show, Cube O hopes to enchant people with the majesty of the ocean. The dancing jellyfish seem like they are engaged in an undersea ocean ballet and make for extraordinary photo opportunities for visitors.


The interactive multimedia technology will also enable visitors to observe the marine life up close and learn more about nature, environmental protection and sustainable patterns of living. The fantastic visual effects will create the feeling of being transported to an ocean wonderland filled with amazing views.


A kaleidoscope of infinite fantasy spaces

The jellyfish kaleidoscope subtly combines the images of real jellyfish, with mirror shadow illusions, while the colourful lights reflect countless jellyfish shadows in all directions. This creates an infinitely mysterious space that visitors will feel they are totally immersed in.


The jellyfish institute


Afterwards, visitors can visit the jellyfish research institute and learn how jellyfish develop from babies into adults, and find out more about jellyfish ecology and the characteristics of different jellyfish species. In addition to watching jellyfish feeding, visitors will also be allowed to contact them from a safe zero-distance and thus get closer to the ocean.

Multimedia edutainment

The interactive multimedia games will further boost the overall experience, as visitors can "become" small fish, swimming under the protection of a jellyfish in an ocean exploration tour. The "small fish" has to hide under the jellyfish while being wary of being grabbed by tentacles or attacked by predators lurking nearby.


In the MR jellyfish classroom, visitors can become "guardians of the ocean" and rescue a stranded green sea turtle, which requires careful treatment and a lot of effort to help the turtle recover and swim back to the sea.


The rescue operation follows real turtle rescue procedures. Visitors who participate will be able to learn about the work of professional conservationists, think about the effect of human beings on the ocean and gain a sense of mission with respect to marine conservation.

Ocean-themed family playhouse and five-star dining


The children's Playhouse features Hong Kong's first ocean-themed play space where children can gain marine knowledge while having fun with mastering physical challenges.


The walls of the Playhouse are painted with child-friendly paint to create a clean and heathy environment, so parents can dine on fine cuisine nearby with peace of mind.


The park has invited a Head Chef and his team from a local five-star hotel to prepare a selection of mouthwatering delicacies. In addition, Corner Cone, a famous Asian ice cream brand, has prepared a range of limited edition ocean-themed ice creams specially for the Cube O. The uniquely shaped ice creams provide especially yummy social media photo opportunities.

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About Cube O Discovery Park

Cube O. Discovery Park makes it possible to discover the infinite mysteries of the ocean. When you step into Cube O, amazing ocean views unfold literally before your eyes.

As Hong Kong's first city-centre marine experience destination, Cube O Discovery Park not only presents the underwater world and marine life in a new way, but also subtly condenses the vast ocean into a limited cubic space that brings the ocean close to hand and connects visitors to nature in new and entertaining ways.

Cube O aims to inspire more people to respect and protect the inhabitants of the ocean and get involved in marine conservation, by enjoying and admiring beautiful views of marine life, observing their characteristics, and mentally entering into the underwater world through a variety of multimedia interactive games.

Cube O is designed to be a place for recreation, relaxation and education for individuals and families, as well as school groups who can discover the diversity of life in the ocean through immersive interactive adventures.

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About Cube Oceanarium

Based in the national 5A tourist attraction spot of Chengdu Seaside City, the Cube Oceanarium offers integrated services covering sightseeing, marine science education and scientific research.

Its main exhibit tank has a 40-meter-long viewing panel certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's largest acrylic window. In addition to viewing marine life through this window, visitors can also participate in scuba diving activities or enjoy an underwater ride in a semi-submarine.

More interactive activities are also available, such as night camping in the aquarium tunnel and aquarium science and conservation classes. The Cube Oceanarium features a large variety of aquatic life, and zero-distance contact with the ocean through multimedia games and interactive education courses as well as high-tech supporting facilities.

In 2021, it was listed as the 5th best aquarium in the world by the World Cities Ranking website and ranked 16th in a selection of the 50 best aquariums by the Tour Scanner website.

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