VN-Thai rom-com movie released nationwide

February 18, 2021 - 08:49

Mỹ Nhân Thần Sách (Bookworm Beauty), a rom-com movie jointly produced by Việt Nam and Thailand, will be released nationwide on February 18.

The poster for Mỹ Nhân Thần Sách (Bookworm Beauty), a rom-com movie jointly produced by Việt Nam and Thailand, which will be released nationwide on February 18. Photo courtesy of the producer

HCM CITY  Mỹ Nhân Thần Sách (Bookworm Beauty), a rom-com movie jointly produced by Việt Nam and Thailand, will be released nationwide today.

The film is the first directorial project of the director of photography Nguyễn Tường Nguyên Phương, who has made numerous music videos for favourite singers like Tố My and Hari Won.

The production tells the story about a shy bookworm named An who faces challenges after moving to a new school. She finds help to overcome her difficulties from a book titled Yêu Sách (Magical Book).

Minh Beta, the movie’s producer and CEO of Beta Cinemas, told local media: “I want to send a message about a choice between a beautiful appearance or a beautiful soul. Which one will people want to become?”

Young actress Việt Linh, who is known through the Vietnamese blockbuster Tiệc Trăng Máu (Blood Moon Party) and rom-com Sài Gòn Trong Cơn Mưa (Sài Gòn in the Rain), plays An.

The movie also features young Thai actor Nanon Kirdpan, who is popular among Vietnamese audiences from his roles in movies and TV dramas like The Gifted and My Precious.

Young Vietnamese actors like Trúc Anh Burin, Thiên Nga and Gino Tống appear in the film along with veteran actresses Hà Hương and Phi Phụng.

Minh, who also played a minor role in the movie, said: “I invited Nanon to bring my movie closer to Thai audiences, while promising Vietnamese actors will bring many surprises to audiences.”

He and his staff decided to make two versions of the film in Vietnamese and Thai languages to serve audiences in the two countries.

“We faced many difficulties in the decision. Thanks to all cast and staff, our movie is excellent," Minh said.

Minh is known as a producer of movies Kế Hoạch Đổi Chồng (Plan to Change Husband), and Ngày Mai Mai Cưới (Mai is Getting Married Tomorrow), and sitcom Phía Tây Thành Phố (West of the City), which were popular with Vietnamese audiences.

Last April, Minh released music video Việt Nam ơi! Đánh Bay Covid (Dear Việt Nam, Let’s Win the War on Covid-19), a music project endorsed by the Ministry of Heath.

The song is another version of Việt Nam Ơi! (Dear Việt Nam), a motivational song for the national football team by Minh.

The new lyrics call on Vietnamese people to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

The MV has attracted more than 9.5 million views. — VNS