Film remake promises to be new blockbuster for Vietnamese cinema industry

October 22, 2020 - 17:19
The black comedy Tiệc Trăng Máu (Blood Moon Party) gained VNĐ8.5 billion (US$365,500) with 105,000 tickets sold, even though its national premiere is set to take place on October 23.


A group of friends play a game in which they have to share the received calls and messages to others. Photos courtesy of Lotte Entertainment

HÀ NỘI – The black comedy Tiệc Trăng Máu (Blood Moon Party) gained VNĐ8.5 billion (US$365,500) with 105,000 tickets sold, even though its national premiere is only set to take place on October 23.

The sneak previews began on October 20 in Hà Nội and immediately drew the attention of film fans.

This is a remake of the original version from Italy entitled Perfetti Sconosciuti (Perfect Strangers). Since its premiere in 2016, the film was remade in different countries. Up to now, there are 20 versions made in different countries such as South Korea, France, Mexico, Spain, Hungary, Greece, China, Russia, Armenia, Germany and Poland.

Based on the original plot, Blood Moon Party is directed by Nguyễn Quang Dũng and produced by Phan Gia Nhật Linh.

It stars Hồng Ánh, Hứa Vĩ Văn, Thái Hòa, Kaity Nguyễn, Kiều Minh Tuấn, Đức Thịnh and Thái Hòa – all big names of the silver screen.

On the night of a blood red moon eclipse, seven long-time friends get together for a dinner. They played a game in which everyone puts their phones on the table. Any received text, WhatsApp message and phone call over the course of the next few hours must be shared with the entire group, no exceptions. Since then, many secrets start to come out and the tension rises.

Many people are attached to their cell phones. Some always hide the phone screens because they don’t want anyone to look at them. Others don't seem to have any secrets as they set no passwords. But when the phone calls and text messages are shown, their secret lives are revealed in the most unexpected way.

A man with a seemingly perfect life is struggling with a big debt and his wife’s betrayal, some are dealing with the basic task of trusting those they love, no one can imagine what best friends say behind their back. 

The filmmakers send a message that everyone has three lives: public, personal and secret. Audiences will ponder the question at the end of the film, if you want to know everything despite being disappointed or you want to live easily with hidden secrets.

Director Dũng said though the film was named as Blood Moon Party, it’s not a thriller.

“It’s a metaphor that a secret can be compared with an eclipse, it can hide the moon for a while but finally it will disappear,” he said.

The film will hit national cinemas on October 23. Audiences can buy tickets at Hà Nội’s National Cinema Centre, CGV, Lotte, BHD and Galaxy cinemas nationwide. VNS 


The cast is seen at the sneak preview in Hà Nội on October 22.