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New musical by singer-turned-director debuts

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Singer and director Ánh Tuyết. Photo

Singer Ánh Tuyết made her professional stage musical directorial debut with Trại Hoa Vàng (Yellow Flower Farm) last month in Hà Nội. 

Tuyết performs in the Việt Nam Youth Theatre's sing and dance troupe. 

Lao Động (Labour) newspaper reporter Nội Hà interviews her about her new work as a director. 

The musical Trại Hoa Vàng was adapted from a long story of the same name by popular writer Nguyễn Nhật Ánh. Why did you choose it to make your first musical?

I liked stories by Ánh very much when I was small. Most of his stories remind people about childhood which are lighthearted. They tell of the sadness and happiness of teenagers. His books do not just attract young readers but also give people a ticket to return their youth. 

When I prepared to make my thesis as a graduate director I thought about his works. I also had the chance to return my youth when I made the musical. 

It was really a challenge to me to adapt Trại Hoa Vàng into a musical. I felt pressure because many of Ánh's works have been made into films. Most of the films become blockbusters. 

I hope that with my creativity in Trại Hoa Vàng the musical will make the audience emotional. I'm very happy to receive positive feedback from the audience after its premiere last month. 

The musical keeps the audience interested and follows my characters for 90 minutes. I think that it is successful. 

Why it is a musical, not a play?

I'm a singer and I make good use of my skills. I wanted to make a musical which is a play in which part of the story is sung to music.  

I wanted to create something new with a musical. Making a musical is also a plan of the theatre where I'm working. 

I want to be known by a young audience and want to lure them to the theatre with a musical. 

Do you think that musicals are unfamiliar to Vietnamese audiences?

Musicals are high-end performances favoured around the world. Vietnamese audiences just know about opera. Vietnamese operas such as Cô Sao (Miss Sao) and Người Tạc Tượng (The Sculptor) are milestones of Việt Nam's music scene. 

I think that musicals have not come close to audiences in Việt Nam. My first production is not really a musical. It just combines singing and dialogue in a play. 

I chose popular songs and put them in each situation in the work. I hope audiences will enjoy the music and stories of youth. 

Why did you become a director?

Late People's Artist Anh Tú inspired me. The more I learned the more interested I became. 

I also got encouragement from my colleagues at the theatre. I have gained achievements in my 20-year career. I received the title Meritorious Artist from the State. 

When I made the musical I helped my characters become better and move toward good things. I want to convey this message to the audience. 

What are your plans for the future?

I have a plan to work with Hà Nội Youth Union to bring the musical to students in high schools, colleges and universities in Hà Nội. 

Plus, I'm preparing for a concert on November 14. I will look for a good script to stage more works. And I hope Việt Nam Youth Theatre is always a favourite destination for young people. — VNS

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