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Local television to revive stage dramas

Update: April, 10/2020 - 09:54


 Ông ngoại và thời đại is aired on HTV4. Photo courtesy of

HCM CITY – To meet entertainment demand amid the COVID-19 period, Hồ Chí Minh City Television (HTV) has allocated many TV slots for dramatic theatrical performances.

Prior to suspension of art activities in HCM City, HTV had prepared several plays, as locals have not been allowed to visit theatres.

Sieu thi cuoi” has been a popular TV programme on HTV for 10 years.

Via short yet hilarious dramatic scripts, many authors such as Trần Văn Hưng, Vương Huyền Cơ, Đào Quyên, Như Ý, Trần Khương Duy, among others, have successfully reflected trending social issues, one of which is prevention against COVID-19.

Director and Meritorious Artist Lê Cường has created three plays, including Tin giả phạt thật (Fake News, Real Penalties), Bán hàng online (Online Shopping) and Giải cứu ai đây (Who to Rescue).

While "Tin giả phạt thật" discusses how irresponsible locals spread fake news and how false information can lead to unnecessary panic, Bán hàng online reflects the two sides of online shopping, including convenience and buyers’ reactions when a product lacks the quality that was advertised.

According to expert, relatable dramas introduced on HTV’s programme Siêu Thị Cười have helped viewers become more alert to the current climate.

This programme has attracted participation of many well-known artists such as Tấn Beo, Hoàng Trinh, Ngọc Trinh, Hạnh Thuý, Quỳnh Hương, Linh Tý, Bích Trâm, Minh Dũng and Tuấn Dũng.

Make it relatable

Stage dramas broadcast on TV used to be more popular, according to Người Lao Động (Labourer) newspaper.

It was the lack of quality scripts that affected stage dramas’ growth, experts said.

To regain its position during this sensitive period, HTV has put more focus on improving the literary quality of television stage dramas.

“No one can rescue TV stage dramas if their creators do not take the initiative to do so,” said director Nguyễn Minh Hải, adding that it remains a challenge.

Recently, Nếu như yêu (If You Fall in Love), written by Nguyên Thảo and directed by Meritorious Artist Ngọc Trinh received multiple compliments for its quality.

Meritorious Artist Ngọc Trinh said the quality script, which is about a responsible dad and a selfish daughter and how their family becomes harmonious, motivated the production team, artists and director to carefully develop their performances.

In addition to Nếu như yêu, other dramatic plays Bà mẹ hoàn hảo (Perfect Mom), Coi mắt (A Date), and Ông ngoại và thời đại (Grandfather and the Era), among others, have been recorded by HTV.

To ensure quality products when being broadcast, HTV’s editorial team has ordered more scripts and participated in production in all stages.

Editor Thu Hồng said that HTV invited many young directors such as Bùi Quốc Bảo, Ngọc Trinh and Minh Nhựt to join the effort to revive TV stage dramas.

"Though investment in stage decorations and effects have been made so each play can stand out, it is important to recruit popular artists so that audiences do not skip the show for other TV programmes," Hồng said.

Quality human resources and relatable scripts are the recipe for success for TV stage dramas, experts say. – VNS


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