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TV dramas amuse audiences at home

Update: April, 08/2020 - 17:51
A scene from the show Siêu Thị Cười (Such Is Life), produced by HTV since 2004. Photo courtesy of the producer

HCM CITY Television dramatic plays are entertaining audiences at home while theatres remain closed due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

HCM City Television (HTV) is working on new productions to serve its audiences, such as Nếu Như Yêu (Perhaps Love), Bà Mẹ Hoàn Hảo (The Perfect Mother), and Ông Ngoại Và Thời Đại (Grandfather and Today Society).

These dramas feature themes of love, family, and lifestyle.

HTV invited young directors such as Bùi Quốc Bảo, Minh Nhựt and People’s Artist Ngọc Trinh to bring freshness to TV plays, as well as to create opportunities for them to share their experiences.

It has invested in settings and visual and sound effects to make the plays more interesting.

The station has also invited experienced actors to enhance the quality of its productions, including Công Hậu, Hoàng Trinh, Hạnh Thúy, and Ngọc Trinh.

Actress Hoàng Trinh, who has worked in theatrical arts for more than 20 years, said: “I feel comfortable coming back to the HTV studio where I worked at an early age.”

Trinh plays the role of a mother in Ông Ngoại Và Thời Đại (Grandfather and Today Society), who sends her son to her hometown during a long break.

During the vacation, her child learns many things about the country’s origin and traditions from his grandfather.

Trinh said: “The play enlightens parents who think that it’s good for children to approach modern life but forget to teach them about our traditions and culture,” said Trinh.

“My colleagues and I are working hard to take part in TV plays to serve the people during the pandemic,” she added.

Nguyễn Minh Hải, head of the HTV’s cultural and theatrical department, told local media that the current situation had created an opportunity for HTV to renew TV plays and rebuild a long-term plan for making plays.

Along with full-length plays, HTV has also introduced new short plays on its show Siêu Thị Cười (Such Is Life), broadcast once a week on HTV9 since 2004.

The show is known as the new version of the popular show Trong Nhà Ngoài Phố (At Home-On the Street), first presented in the 1980s.

The programme, as the "spiritual meal" for millions of TV viewers, especially in the South, aired hundreds of dramas during its 15-year lifespan.

Siêu Thị Cười features a series of plays about practical and intimate matters in today's life of Vietnamese, such as Tin Giả Phạt Thật (Fake News - Real Fine), Bán Hàng Online (Online Selling Business), and Giải Cứu  Ai Đây (Rescusing Whom?).

The works were written by veteran playwrights including Trần Văn Hưng, Vương Huyền Cơ, Trần Khương Duy, and Nguyên Thảo, who has been involved in theatrical arts for over 30 years.

The show features talented actors, including Quốc Thịnh, Tấn Beo, Linh Tý, Bích Trâm, and Tuấn Dũng.

Trần Văn Cảnh, 60, from Đồng Nai Province, was a fan of Trong Nhà Ngoài Phố. He enjoyed Siêu Thị Cười so much.

Siêu Thị Cười brings me not only news about society, but also comfort and joy, particularly during the pandemic,” Cảnh said. VNS

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