Michelin-starred chef shares views on ‘green cooking’

November, 21/2019 - 15:05
Two Michelin-starred chef Alain Dutournier has shared his viewpoint on ‘green cooking’ during a meeting with local media on Tuesday. The famous chef is in the Hà Nội to introduce his newest food creations during the Festival of Flavors taking place at La Table du Chef Restaurant.


HÀ NỘI  Michelin-starred chef Alain Dutournier has shared his views on ‘green cooking’ during a recent meeting with local media.

The famous chef is in Hà Nội to introduce his newest food creations during the Festival of Flavours taking place at La Table du Chef Restaurant.

Born in a small village in Landes province in the southwest of France, Dutournier has been familiar with different varieties of fruit and vegetables grown in his family’s garden, free-range cattle and poultry, and fresh seafood from a young age.

His passion for cooking was inspired by his grandmother and mother’s recipes, which were created from fresh ingredients available from their garden and farm. When he became a famous chef, Dutournier continued to visit the market by himself to select the seasonal, fresh and finest ingredients for his food creations.  

“I have a very high demand on the quality of ingredients. At any of my restaurants, my first priority is the freshness of the ingredients because they are the key factor to create the taste of my food creations,” he said.

"Alongside fresh and clean ingredients, ‘green cooking’ is also defined by the way you cook your food."

The chef doesn’t vote for dishes that use too much seasoning and oil, which, according to him, would prevent diners from enjoying the original taste of the ingredients.

“In my kitchen, the seasoning and spices are to enhance the flavour of the ingredients, but not to delude the tastebuds of diners,” said Dutournier.   

During the meeting on on Tuesday, the chef also impressed guests with the demonstration of an ‘Oyster Burger’ using ingredients which are common in Việt Nam such as watercress, ginger, spring onion, white radish and oysters.

With this creation, Dutournier has brought a new twist to the burger, which is usually thought of a calorific food. His ping-pong-ball-sized brown bun tastes fresh thanks to the slices of white radish and iceberg lettuce, plus the ginger-flavoured watercress mayonnaise. The fresh and succulent oyster creates the outstanding flavour of his burger.

“The small portion is another way of ‘green cooking’. From the food you buy to the way you cook it, you can save energy, and at the same time to save costs in many different ways,” Dutournier said, referring to his ping-pong-ball-sized buns.

The famous chef also unveiled two other recipes, including ‘marinated black and white scallop soybean risotto, with fava bean and cured ham’, and ‘chestnut pheasant broth with white truffle and poached pheasant breast'.

Both are currently on the menu for the Festival of Flavours which will run until Saturday at La Table du Chef.

Dutournier opened La Table du Chef at the Press Club four years ago, aiming to showcase the art of haute cuisine. VNS