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Flocking to Literature Temple for calligraphic works

Update: February, 17/2018 - 15:45
Even small children are eager to get calligraphic works hoping for a successful year at school.
Viet Nam News

Thousands of people have been flocking to Văn Miếu (Literature Temple) in downtown Hà Nội during the lunar New Year to ask for calligraphy created by scholars to hang at home for good luck, and as home decorations.

People of various ages, especially students, have spent hours queueing to ask scholars to draw characters they request. Characters such as happiness, success, health, wealth and luck are among the most sought after.

Scholars are now busy because of the great demand for their works.

The Literature Temple hosts the Imperial Academy (Quốc Tử Giám), Việt Nam’s first national university. It was built in 1070 under the reign of King Lý Thánh Tông (1054-1072). The temple is located to the south of Thăng Long Citadel.

Before and during the lunar New Year, calligraphists gather outside the temple and write wishes in Han (Chinese script) and Nôm (Vietnamese ideographic script) characters. These works of art are given away as gifts, or are used as home decorations on special occasions. — VNS Photos Mạnh Hoàng

Various souvernirs themed lunar New Year are available at the site.
Calligraphic works are wishes for new year and home decorations as well.
An old man and his granddaughter, a high school student, get a desired character.
Scholar Nguyễn Đức Dũng (right), like other calligraphers at the site, is busy these days but he said he felt happy.
People can buy ready-to-take calligraphic works at a shop at the site.


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