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Bond opens Lexus Music Night 2016

Update: March, 19/2016 - 09:00
Modern classic: Bond from the UK. Courtesy Photo of organising board

Haø Noäi -- Lexus Music Night 2016, the first of its kind, will take place in Haø Noäi’s National Convention Centre next Friday (March 25).

The music night is being held by Lexus Vieät Nam.

In a most luxurious atmosphere, the event will honour both world-class talent and famous Vietnamese artists. It hopes the audience will experience an amazing harmony between contemporary music and classical crossover. The musical show will be held amongst an impressive Lexus promotional show with characteristics of each product and service displayed.

The highlight of the music night will be the performance by Bond from the UK – the best-selling string quartet of all time. Hailed in the global press as "the Spice Girls of classical music", Bond was the first band in the world to pursue classical crossover with impressive pieces of classical music remixed in a more exciting modern way.

Bond will perform its best pieces upon which their fame has been built. In particular, this will be the first time that the unique sound of Bond will be harmonised with the talented vocals of Vietnamese artists. The colour and talent of Bond promise to evoke unforgettable emotions.

Directed by musician Quoác Trung, the music night will be performed by the Maius Philharmonic and the already famous singers Thanh Lam, Myõ Linh, Thu Haø and Phuùc Tieäp.

"I hope the audience will be impressed with such a new experiment of blending the luxury of classical music with the seduction of modern daring sounds. New ideas and unique combinations on the stage of the music night  will tell a story of vitality and creativity, awakening the audience’s senses," said Trung.

The music night opens at 8pm and admission is free.

Last year, Lexus Vieät Nam offered its customers an extraordinary all-sense experience at its first-year anniversary in HCM City. It included special recipes by talented chef Christine Haø, winner of US MasterChef season three, matched with wines chosen by world-class wine expert Toâ Vieät, along with the heart-touching vocals of singer Y Lan. – VNS




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