Online music project for children launched

June 05, 2023 - 09:09

Well-known composer Nguyễn Văn Chung of HCM City willlaunch an online music project for  children and teenagers this month. 


TEACHING KIDS - Famous composer Nguyễn Văn Chung of HCM City will launch an online music project for children and teenagers called Cùng Con Tập Hát (We Learn Singing) in June. The project helps parents and their children aged 3 to 13 to learn singing. Photo courtesy of the producer. 

HCM CITY— Well-known composer Nguyễn Văn Chung of HCM City will launch an online music project for children and teenagers this month. 

Chung’s project, called Cùng Con Tập Hát (We Learn Singing), aims to encourage parents and their children aged 3 to 13 to learn to sing. 

Chung and his staff will produce and release a series of 300 videos featuring his 300 songs for kids on YouTube. 

Each clip from the project Cùng Con Tập Hát will feature a song performed by singers who will also teach how to sing the song. 

“My project offers opportunities to help its participants, particularly those living in remote provinces, learn how to sing and improve their love for music,” said Chung, who has 20 years of experience in the industry. 

Chung has worked to bring more songs for children that contain lessons on life and family. 

He issued his first songbook for children, titled 100 Songs for Children, in 2017.

He released his songbook of 300 songs for children after seven years of working on it in 2020. 

The book consists of his popular children’s songs, including Bài Hát Ru Của Mẹ (Mom’s Lullaby) and Bố Ơi Kể Chuyện Con Nghe (Dad, Tell Me a Bedtime Story), about childhood, family, friends, school and country.

It includes beautiful pictures and sheet music to help young readers learn how to sing and play instruments.

The book also comes with a CD featuring the voices of popular child singers such as Bào Ngư and Bảo Ngọc, and students from music clubs at cultural houses for children in the city.


300 SONGS - He released his songbook of 300 songs for children in 2020. The work includes beautiful pictures and sheet music to help young readers learn how to sing and play instruments. Photo courtesy of the producer. 

Chung began his career in 2003. His music is pop and R&B, with Vietnamese folk elements. He has written several hundred love ballads, including top hits such as Vầng Trăng Khóc (Tears of the Moon) and Chiếc Khăn Gió Ấm (Beautiful Scarf). 

However, Chung is most famous for his song for children titled Nhật Ký Của Mẹ (Mom’s Diary) about a mother’s love, released in 2011. 

The song quickly became famous in the country and overseas.

In 2014, the song was translated into Japanese by composer Yoshimoto Kayo, and sung by Vietnamese-Japanese singer Hải Triều, and became popular in Japan.

It was ranked 10th on the CD “The Best of Ballroom Music Vol. 36” produced by Casa Musica, a music company in Germany, in 2015. The album features 45 works performed by popular artists and bands from different countries.

“I hope to introduce and expand Vietnamese music and songs for children,” said Chung. - VNS