Getting back to nature with camping trips to Đồng Nai

February 06, 2022 - 16:28

Đồng Nai Province has recently become a new destination for people who love camping and exploring the beauty of nature.

Bầu Islet is a favourite campsite on Trị An Lake. — Photo

ĐỒNG NAI  Đồng Nai Province has recently become a new destination for people who love camping and exploring the beauty of nature.

Trị An Lake, one of the largest artificial lakes in Southeast Asia, is popular as a familiar camping area for travellers from the city and neighbouring provinces.

Located on the Đồng Nai River, the lake is the reservoir of the Tri An hydropower plant.

It has an area of 32,400ha and 72 islets, which are ideal for camping.  

People can camp around the lake shores or at islets on the lake, such as Bầu (Gourd) and Ó (Eagle).

There are places for pitching tents, burning campfires, and going fishing.

Travellers can enjoy the beauty of sunset and sunrise on the lake.

"What I like most about the lake is that the atmosphere is fresh and peaceful. It helps me to forget worries and tiredness of daily life,” said Nguyễn Ngọc Nguyên of Đồng Nai.

“My friends and I have joyful days and took beautiful photos."

Visitors can go kayaking on Trị An Lake. — Photo

For families with small children, they can choose homestays near the lake like Bà Đất Eco Homestay, and Cao Minh Colorland tourism area, offering many services to visitors from bicycles to kayaks.

Near Trị An Lake is Chứa Chan Mountain, the second-highest mountain in the southeastern region.

Located in Xuân Lộc District, the mountain, also known as “miniature Đà Lạt”, has a cool and fresh climate all year round, which is suitable for camping and trekking.

Travellers have to park their vehicles at the foot of the mountain, and then climb around two or four hours to the camping sites in the middle of the top of the mountain.

It is a long climb, but it is worth it.

The camping sites surrounded by fields of reeds are beautiful, while the view from the mountain is fantastic.

When having an overnight camping, people have the opportunity to see a sky full of stars, a rare sight in urban areas.

Campers will be overwhelmed by a sea of clouds on Chứa Chan Mountain in the early morning. — Photo

When getting up early, campers can see the beauty of the sunrise, and be overwhelmed by a sea of clouds before their eyes.

Lê Thanh Xuân of Đồng Nai said: “The landscape on Chứa Chan Mountain is incredible. It’s the first time I have seen a sea of clouds in my lifetime.”

“For those who want to go camping at Chứa Chan Mountain, be well-prepared before your trips because you can’t find anything on the mountain except for wonderful landscape." VNS

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