Online filmmaking programmes launched

August 04, 2021 - 11:23

Young people and students from art schools around the country participated recently in online filmmaking courses and workshops launched by private organisations in HCM City.  


Young people and students around the country took part in VitaminC+Creative, a new online filming programe launched by Xinê House in HCM City last week. The event offers 12 workshops on movies and filming from Vietnamese directors and producers. (Photo from the organiser Xinê House)

HCM CITY— Young people and students from art schools around the country participated recently in online filmmaking courses and workshops launched by private organisations in HCM City.  

The programmes, Hội Nghị Các Nhà Sản Xuất (Meeting of Film Producers) and “Master Class”, were organised by BHD, one of the city’s leading private film studios and distributors, in co-operation with its foreign partners. 

Both programmes target young people who study and are involved in movies.

The event Hội Nghị Các Nhà Sản Xuất attracted talented actors, directors and producers from Asian countries such as Korea and China. Highlighted artists include directors Lee Jeong-Hyo, Ruel Bayani of the Philippines, and actress and host Lina Ng of Singapore.  

Through online meetings, the artists shared information, skills and their experiences in different fields of filming, including casting, shooting, and pre-and post-production. 

The programme “Master Class” offered online training courses by talented artists from Australia, Korea and the US.

The animation training course attracted Oscar nominated-scriptwriter Ronniel del Carmen, co-director of Hollywood blockbuster Inside Out, a 2015 American computer-animated film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. 

While the scriptwriting training course attracted Korean director-scriptwriter Yeon Sang Ho, a casting training course was led by casting director Thea Mcleod of Australia. 

Garon De Silva of HBO and Sabrina Duguet of AAA were also featured. 

“Through our courses, amateurs and professionals have a chance to explore their creativity,” a representative of the organiser BHD said before the courses closed on July 31. 

Another programme taking place is VitaminC+Creative.

The event, organised by Xinê House, a creative social space for cinema lovers, was founded by film critic and director Phan Gia Nhật Linh of HCM City Xine House. It focuses on film screening and discussion and film-making classes.

VitaminC+Creative offers 12 workshops on movies and filming. 

The workshops feature Vietnamese experts, such as film directors and producers Lý Thái Dũng, Bảo Nguyễn and Nguyễn Quang Dũng. Vietnamese-American director Charlie Nguyễn is also included. 


A scene from Tiệc Trăng Máu (Blood Moon Party), a Vietnamese film by director Nguyễn Quang Dũng in 2020. The director attendsVitaminC+Creative, an online filming programme for young people launched in HCM City. (Photo courtesy of the producer) 

The artists have discussed key topics in documentaries, short films, feature films and animation. Challenges that Vietnamese filmmakers faced today are also discussed. 

Their talks aim to encourage young filmmakers and provide them with new knowledge and lessons on filming.  

The fee to join is VNĐ200,000 (US$9) per person and all proceeds will be used to support young filmmakers to develop their art. 

The programme VitaminC+Creative will close on August 8.— VNS