ASEAN young entrepreneurs urged to promote co-operation

November 30, 2020 - 16:35
The vision of ASEAN young entrepreneurs should be beyond their national borders, for co-operation and prosperity. They should not stop co-operating to reach regional and international customers.


Deputy Prime Minister Trương Hòa Bình delivered a speech at the 5th ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Carnival 2020. — VNA/VNS Photo Hằng Trần

HÀ NỘI — The vision of ASEAN young entrepreneurs should be beyond their national borders, for co-operation and prosperity. They should not stop co-operating to reach regional and international customers.

Deputy Prime Minister Trương Hòa Bình made the statement at the 5th ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Carnival 2020 themed 'Together - We are making differences' held in Hà Nội on Monday.

“I suggest young ASEAN entrepreneurs promote their dynamic and creative advantages, focus on highly skilled human resources, apply science and technology, support young people in disadvantaged areas, and develop hi-tech and digital economy regions. I appreciate digital initiatives, building an open ecosystem, and the right supply chain for development. The Government of Viet Nam is committed to always working and supporting to strengthen links and connections among ASEAN young entrepreneurs,” he added.

He said the forum is a testament to the adaptive initiative that has been actively promoted, helping us gradually change to adapt to the “new normal” state of the world and the region.

2020 has been really a challenging and difficult year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters and impacts of climate change as well as the growing trend of protectionism. The socio-economic achievements of the whole community of countries that have made efforts for more than 50 years is in danger of being erased.

“In this difficult context, ASEAN must strive to perform at the same time the “dual role”, while ensuring community building and coping with the pandemic and working towards a sustainable recovery. The results achieved in ASEAN 2020 so far this year have shown that ASEAN has successfully completed this dual role,” he said.

The COVID-19 pandemic has further shown that digitisation or digital transformation is an irreversible trend of the era, strongly appearing in all fields; changing human communication and helping countries which make good use of opportunities to further develop.

“Acknowledging this issue, governments of ASEAN countries are promoting comprehensive recovery and sustainable development, in which businesses, especially young entrepreneurs, are the key force. This forum continues to be an opportunity for young businesspeople from ASEAN countries to enhance solidarity, promote creativity, exchange experiences, share initiatives, strengthen alliances, and co-operate in doing business, innovating, making good use of the opportunities and achievements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution brought about for a growing and prosperous ASEAN community,” he said.

The Deputy PM has proposed to the young ASEAN entrepreneurs some major issues, of which community ideology should be instilled in each ASEAN young entrepreneur. Young ASEAN entrepreneurs would need to associate corporate interests with community benefits.

Mohit Mehrotra, an expert from Deloitte’s Asia-Pacific region, said that businesses, especially young ASEAN firms, must effectively take advantage of the ASEAN network and ecosystem, thereby creating a product platform, building markets and connecting companies with the same platform.

Most of the successful companies are taking advantage of the opportunity, making breakthroughs, improving resilience, thus ensuring a quick recovery, he said.

He pointed out that consumer and connectivity ecosystems such as food, transportation, healthcare, banking, entertainment, schools and recently developed 5G technology help businesses make good use of opportunities.

“Enterprises need to take a step back, to see how to apply them. At the same time, they need to improve their resilience against the crisis, considering how to join the ecosystem in the context for development,” he added.

Đặng Hồng Anh, Chairman of Việt Nam Young Entrepreneurs Association (VYEA) and Chairman of ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Council 2020, said the carnival was an annual event aiming at connecting and inspiring the businesses of young entrepreneurs and young people from ASEAN countries. It was also a place for young entrepreneurs in the region to share success stories in the field of business, social responsibility and contributions to the ASEAN economic community’s development.

“This year’s ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Carnival has a very special meaning, demonstrating the creativity of ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs for the goal of realising the vision of a “cohesive and proactive” ASEAN - overcoming difficulties and maintaining growth."

During the tenure of the Chairman of the ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Council 2020, the VYEA has implemented many activities such as mobilising VNĐ10 billion to buy 10,000 COVID-19 quick test kits; donated more than VNĐ5 billion for flood victims in central Việt Nam; and donated VNĐ1 billion to Agent Orange dioxin victims.

The flag of rotating Chairman of ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Council 2021 to the Brunei Young Entrepreneurs Association also took place at the carnival. The official website of the ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Council was launched the same day by the VYEA. — VNS