Việt Nam, Thailand hold second energy forum

October 07, 2022 - 09:00
Việt Nam and Thailand are seeking ways to achieve the common goal of developing clean and sustainable energy.


The Việt Nam - Thailand second energy forum in Bangkok on October 6. VNA Photo

 BANGKOK – The second energy forum between Việt Nam and Thailand took place in Bangkok on October 6, seeking ways to achieve the common goal of developing clean and sustainable energy.

Permanent Secretary of the Thai Ministry of Energy Kulit Sombatsiri said his country wished to promote substantive cooperation in energy with Việt Nam.

Vietnamese Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Đặng Hoàng An said since the first forum was held in Bình Định Province in 2015, bilateral energy cooperation had reaped many encouraging results.

Thailand was an important energy investor in Việt Nam, he said, elaborating that its businesses had been investing in wind, solar and thermal power plants in many Vietnamese localities.

The Việt Nam Oil and Gas Group and the national oil and gas firm of Thailand, via its subsidiaries, were also working together in some oil and gas exploration and exploitation projects in Việt Nam and Algeria, he added.

Affirming the importance of the energy partnership with Thailand, An held that the organisation of the second forum was necessary amid numerous difficulties facing the global energy industry as it helped the two sides know each country’s energy cooperation demand, strengthen energy cooperation, and would contribute to their countries’ enhanced strategic partnership set up in 2015.

At the forum, participants discussed and shared experiences in many important energy development issues of Việt Nam and Thailand, which have the common target of shifting to clean energy to minimise climate change impacts.

They also discussed opportunities for energy business partnerships in the future, the expansion of trade and investment links, the exchange of knowledge and technology, innovations in petroleum exploration and clean energy production, and the development of new fuels like hydrogen and ammonia so as to jointly promote energy security and sustainable energy.

They also highly valued the investment climate in Việt Nam and held that the country is a potential market with high profitability in the energy sector.

Businesses of Việt Nam and Thailand also met one another to seek partnership chances. VNA/VNS