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AEON Vietnam launches self-ordering kiosks for easy dining with just a finger touch

Update: September, 11/2020 - 09:00

AEON Vietnam has introduced a self-ordering kiosk at AEON Tan Phu Celadon to offer customers who always want quick and easy food order, convenient payment without waiting in queues. These kiosks are expected to be deployed at AEON Binh Tan this month.

No queue, easy to order

Self-ordering kiosk technology which aims to increase convenience for customers is not unfamiliar in developed countries. In Viet Nam, some restaurants and fast food systems have gradually implemented the kiosk in recent years. In the general merchandise store and supermarket segment, AEON Vietnam is the first retailer to install a self-ordering kiosk, applied to Delica area at its supermarkets.


Self-ordering kiosks were introduced at AEON Tan Phu Celadon from the end of August, attracting many customers

On August 29, when the first kiosks were installed at Delica area of AEON Tan Phu Celadon, many customers, especially young people have expressed great interest in this new utility.

After the first use of the self-ordering kiosk, My Linh (23 years old, in Tan Phu District) said: “I often go to AEON on weekends but at peak time, I hesitate to order food because I'm tired of queuing up, taking food, and paying. That's why, as soon as I saw the self-ordering kiosk, I immediately tested it. The kiosk is really “useful”. Now you don't have to go around to see prices of each item, just look at the menu on the screen to choose the item you like, then pay via e-wallet or bank card of all kinds. It is very convenient because I rarely bring cash.”

AEON Vietnam planned to install more self-ordering kiosks in the future at all general merchandise stores and supermarkets nationwide. By the middle of September, it would install the kiosks at AEON Binh Tan.

Quick operation, easy use for all people

With the touch screen design with friendly interface, lively food and beverage images, the self-ordering kiosks at AEON Tan Phu act like a large-sized smartphone, helping customers easily choose what they love.


Customers just need to touch the screen, then will be guided to the next step with simple and quick operations

With 4 easy-to-use steps, users just touch the screen to start, scan membership card, view the menu on the screen with full pictures and prices, choose dishes, pay via bank card or e-wallet with QR code, finally take receipts and bring the pick-up ticket to the delivery counters. The self-ordering kiosks at AEON have not only helped the process of choosing and paying for food become extremely quick and convenient, but also allow customers to make flexible payments in many different forms such as bank cards, e-wallets like Momo, Vnpay.


The dishes displayed vividly with prices help customers choose easily

“I find this application very friendly, easy and quick to operate, with very specific instructions, ensuring that young people or families can use it. In addition, the application also supports both Vietnamese and English for foreigners to use,” said Minh Tuan, one of AEON Tan Phu’s customers who tried the kiosk last weekend.


Self-ordering kiosks at AEON allow customers to pay via bank card or e-wallet

About the decision to invest in the deployment of self-ordering kiosks at AEON Tan Phu, Binh Tan and other General Merchandise Stores & Supermarkets AEON nationwide, a representative of AEON Vietnam said: “With the investment in modern equipment such as self-ordering kiosks with simple use, AEON Vietnam aims to create more convenience for customers. The kiosk not only saves time, but also streamlines payment steps for customers, thus promoting non-cash payment along with the consumption trend in the 4.0 era. In addition, enriching the shopping experience, bringing comfort to customers through continuously increasing in value is also our business philosophy.”

With the desire to bring comfort to customers, the deployment of self-ordering kiosks is a smart step in AEON Vietnam's customer experience enrichment strategy. Self-ordering kiosks with modern application and suitable to trends and lifestyles in urban areas are expected to conquer many customers, especially the young who always love to experience technology and prefer speed and convenience. This is also how AEON Vietnam affirms its constant commitment to bringing new values and shopping experiences, contributing to enriching the daily lifestyle of customers.

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