Phở Burger - McDonald's to celebrate Vietnam National Day.

August, 25/2020 - 08:00

The stimulating combination between American and Vietnamese cuisine: Hot, juicy Angus beef blends perfectly with the aroma of cinnamon, anise, fennel, clove, Vietnamese basil, cilantro and unique Vietnamese Phở sauce specially made from Phở broth… now available ready to serve customers.

Phở! One would be immediately reminded of a bowl of very traditional, unique bowl of beef noodles, full flavour from anise, cinnamon, a pot of steaming hot bone broth, thin slices of beef spread on a layer of noodles, a strong aroma emanated from afar. This popular dish is one of a kind that bring to one’s sense of familiarity and authenticity of Viet Nam ... The more you think about it, the more you are water-mouthing.


Burger! Two layers of round buns, light brown, warm, soft, and juicy patty of beef wrapped with melted cheese, flavoured by aromatic, sour sauce and some pickle/lettuce. Burgers are more of a modern world product, for the busy people, fast to order, easy to carry away and very Western.

Photo: Customer enjoying Phở Burger at one of McDonald's Vietnam restaurants.


Phở Burger! Never heard of it? Now you have. This interesting combination not only captivates burger-loving customers but also brings a new perspective on infusion cuisine and culture. The past meets the present, and the East meets the West, all are wrapped in this special limited offer. This exciting mix is now brought to you by creative artisans who are long inspired in exploring new tastes.

Photo: Pho Burger - a unique combination of Eastern and Western cuisine from McDonald's.

Known as global Burger giant with signature burgers including Big Mac, Cheeseburger, Fillet o Fish, McDonald's has always been trying to bring to the locals where they operate the local taste with a McDonald’s touch. In every market, McDonald's always tries to learn and adapt to be locally relevant by combining its own signature menu with the local specialty to create products that breathe local culture and style. If you happen to try McDonald’s in Europe you've probably tried McBaguette, if you've been to Italy maybe you'd tried McDonald's or in Asia you may have heard or tried McSpaghetti in the Philippines; Teriyaki Burger in Japan, or Nasi Lemak Burger in Singapore and Malaysia. The list goes on in different countries in which McDonald’s has a presence.

In Viet Nam, McDonald's for the first time is bringing to local customers a traditional Vietnamese flavoured product as part of a special campaign to celebrate 2020 Vietnam National Day - Phở Burger. This seemingly risky combination is the result of long trial efforts over the years in Viet Nam by the food conglomerate, a process long enough to eliminate many dissatisfied products, to harmonise the unique cuisines and bring about a fascinating product.

At first glance, Phở Burger is "different". It’s different from the burgers that McDonald's is serving from the look, the feel and of course the ingredients. Phở Burger's bun looks bright yellow as if it is a mix of white phở noodle and a tan bun. The appearance is similar to an English muffin but the taste if different, more sweet and softer. The other significant difference is the freshness by seeing the local herbs alongside the tender beef blended with the sauce. And the outstanding piece of egg makes Phở Burger look fuller.

You can easily tell the Phở aroma from afar. When tasting it, from the first bite, you can immediately feel the delicate taste of Phở broth, and the soft juicy Angus beef that encourages you to have a second bite.

You could easily be blown away by the blend of flavours. The taste of the bun, beef, herbs, eggs and above all the Phở sauce, the signature ingredient of Phở. The new bun is chewier than the current bun but that’s what makes the burger more fun and stand out and make the whole meal more enjoyable. For people who like spicy flavour, they could add a little garlic chilli sauce available at the sauce counter in McDonald's.

As a whole, the distinctive mix of the cuisine activates the eyes, the ears, triggering all of our senses, leaving us in awe of the spectacular yet harmonised taste. 

In short, Phở Burger is a must try!