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Hanwha Life Vietnam signs strategic cooperation with MoMo e-wallet and Payoo intermediary payment service provider to enhance service quality and experience for customers

Update: August, 20/2020 - 19:19

Hanwha Life Insurance Vietnam Co., Ltd. officially signed strategic partnerships agreements with MoMo e-wallet and VietUnion (Payoo) on August 19 to digitalize premium payment channels and increase the customer experience and service quality of Hanwha Life Vietnam.



Doan Ngoc Tri Tin (left), chief operation officer of Hanwha Life Vietnam and Do Quang Thuan (right), deputy general director in charge of the Financial Services Business Unit of MoMo e-wallet, at the signing event of cooperation
between Hanwha Life Vietnam and MoMo e-wallet.

This cooperation is a part of the strategy to diversify products and services as well as to promote the digitalization application of Hanwha Life Vietnam to provide customers with the best choices and experience.

Besides the existing payment channels, customers of Hanwha Life Vietnam can pay the premium directly on MoMo e-wallet and Payoo's channels with many utilities within a few simple steps.

In addition, the partnership not only brings convenience and friendliness to customers but also reduces cash transactions, providing comfort and flexibility when customers pay for their accommodation premiums anywhere and anytime.


Doan Ngoc Tri Tin (right), chief operation officer of Hanwha Life Vietnam and Ngo Trung Linh (left), general director of VietUnion, at the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Hanwha Life Vietnam and Payoo.

Under the cooperation agreement, from September 2020, on the MoMo App, customers of Hanwha Life Vietnam can pay premium types such as periodic fees and advance refunds from the refundable value with just a few simple taps on their smartphone.

After logging in the MoMo e-Wallet app, customers select Hanwha Life Vietnam logo on the main screen, or search “Hanwha Life” and enter the policy number, then choose the premium to be paid and confirm that payment is completed.

Since September 2020, customers of Hanwha Life Vietnam have been able to pay the above premiums through Payoo's channels such as online (website https://bill.payoo.vn, Payoo application on mobile devices or directly at the chains of stores linked to Payoo nationwide such as convenience stores (Circle K, MINISTOP, B's Mart, VinMart +, FamilyMart, 7- Eleven, GS25, VinMart+, TH Mart, T-Mart ...), electronic supermarkets (Media Mart, Pico, Cho Lonelectronics, Thien Hoa electronics, ...), and pharmacies (Pharmacity, ...), among others.

Customers just need to enter the policy number when making online payments on the website or app, or notify the cashier when paying directly at the store to complete the Hanwha Life premium payment process quickly and conveniently.

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